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From Our Files

From Our Files

100 years – Aug. 9, 1923

Tobacco growing may be undertaken here. Soil and climate conditions locally are said to be ideal and both merchants and farmers are interested in the matter. Since it has become clearly evident that wheat cannot be raised in the county at a profit, there being many distinct and heavy losses on that crop this year, thoughtful farmers and business men have been surveying the field for a crop that can be raised with reasonable certainty every year and the same time serve as a money crop.

The wheat field in Madison County was greatly reduced by Hessian Fly. Late or early sowing of wheat for control of the Fly may spell profit or loss in wheat. Some fields were completely destroyed while in others the yield is reported as having been reduced 50 to 60 percent.

Engineers representing the State Highway Department have completed the field work necessary on the Marquand bridge and the plans are now being drawn in Jefferson City offices. The plans call, it is said, for a 440-foot bridge with an 18-foot roadway and of the best possible construction.

W.P. O’Brien last week purchased the concrete building so long owned and occupied by the Consolidated Store Co. as an office building. Mr. O’Brien is not yet certain as to what use he will make of the upper floor, but he will put the basement in first class shape and open up in it a “Basement Bargain Store” which he promises will be everything the name implies.

75 years – Aug. 12, 1948

E.L. Petley, general manager of the Fredericktown Lead Co., announced this week that the Park City Consolidated Mines will take over his company’s mining property northwest of of Fredericktown and will operate the mine on a least base.

One of the most popular spots in Madison County during the summer has been Kemper Roadside Park, located about four miles west of Fredericktown on Highway 72. Almost any evening will find several carloads of people cooking their suppers at the park.

Much the same situation exists in the strike at the St. Louis Smelting and Refining Co. as exists at the St. Joseph Lead Co. properties–nothing new. Picket lines are still up and company salaried employees are serving as watchmen and caretakers. There are no scheduled meetings between company and union.

On display for several days this week was a 26-pound, 13-ounce squash grown by Joe Whitener of this city. The squash rested in The Democrat-News window until Joe’s wife decided to cook it.

50 years –Aug. 9, 1973

U.S. Representative Bill D. Burlison announced this week that the Farmers Home Administration has approved a $225,000 loan to finance the construction of a Senior Citizens Housing Project in Marquand.

Last Thursday might have been termed “the day of legal dissolution of marriage’ in Circuit Court, Madison County. In simpler terms, it was a divorce day and Judge J. O. Swink granted decrees to 10 plaintiffs.

Mrs. Francis Doll of the Panjanero Ranch near Marquand told, the D-N this week that sometime early on Tuesday, Aug. 7 between $3 and $5,000 worth of riding equipment was stolen from the Panjanero.

A site, just east of Marlowe Street in the Chamber of Commerce Industrial tract, containing approximately 10 acres, will be deeded to Sports Sales, Inc. Company officials have agreed to build a 12,000 square foot plant on the site, within one year after that property has been deeded to them.

25 years – Aug. 12, 1998

Eight District U.S. Representative Jo Ann Emerson got an opportunity to drive a team of Missouri Mules, Monday morning. Emerson stopped at the Flying V Ranch, owned by Paul and Sue Vance of Madison County. The stop was part of the 17th Annual Emerson Agricultural Tour

The Fredericktown FFA Chapter and the Silvermines 4-H Club of Fredericktown have been awarded two Building Our American Communities Grants from the Missouri Department of Agriculture, Market Development Division.

The Fredericktown Hardee’s Restaurant closed for remodeling, Friday August 8. The store will be re-opening, Sunday August 16 as “STAR” Hardees.

Three teams tied for first place in ‘A’ class in the Piedmont Canyon Club’s 4 Lady Scramble Tuesday, August 4. One of the teams carding a 69 were Dana Sheppard of Farmington, and partners Roma Ward, Melba Fadler, and Tammy Gifford of Fredericktown.

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