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A new team, a new form, a new era for Park Hills

The newly-formed Park Hills Community Development Department includes, from left: Tyler Henson, Debbie Detring, and Conner Brown. (Submitted photo)

Jeannie Barton-Northrup,

The newly-formed Park Hills Community Development Team created an online form as a tool for residents to communicate code violations and community development complaints.

The tool is called the Violation/Complaint Form and is on the Park Hills website at

“Are tall grass, weeds, or other code violations concerning you? Our electronic complaint form is here to help. No need to make phone calls or visit in person – simply head to our website (, visit the ‘Forms‘ page, and find the “Violation/Complaint Form” under the “Community Development Forms” section. This user-friendly form lets you provide all the necessary details about the issue, including the location and a description of the concern,” says the Park Hills website.

The complaint form asks for the filer’s name, address, e-mail, and phone. Then, the filer will choose from a list of violations or complaints they have witnessed, provide the address of the violations or complaints, and describe the violations or complaints. Next on the form is an option to upload a photo of the violations or complaints. The last details on the form ask the filer to provide a date and time and verify the filer is human. About the Violation/Complaint Form, the Park Hills website says, “Your feedback is very valuable to us, and this new method of reporting will help us to more efficiently identify and address your concerns. Thank you for your help with making Park Hills a great place to live!!!”

The Violation/Complaint Form is the first initiative by the Park Hills Community Development Team.

“We are thrilled to unveil a new chapter in our city’s growth and development with the establishment of a new Community Development Department,” says the Park Hills website. “This department is set to be a driving force behind shaping the future of our community, enhancing our living standards, and fostering a thriving environment for all.”

The Community Development Department is made up of three members, each is introduced on the Park Hills website as follows:

“At the helm of this exciting endeavor, we proudly welcome Tyler Henson as the new Community Development Director. Tyler brings with him a wealth of experience, having spent 7 1/2 years honing his expertise as a building inspector in the City of Farmington. His dedication and passion for ensuring safe and sound construction practices will undoubtedly aid in elevating our city’s infrastructure and aesthetics. But Tyler is not just a professional powerhouse – he’s also a devoted family man, blessed with a loving wife named Tara and two adorable daughters, Mallory and McKinley. As if that wasn’t enough to keep him busy, he shares his home with three delightful four-legged companions who add an extra dose of charm to his family.”

“Joining Tyler in his mission is Conner Brown, our new Code Enforcement Officer & Inspector. Conner brings a unique blend of experience to the table, having served at Franklin County 911 and as a dedicated member of the Park Hills Fire Department since January 2020. His commitment to public safety and community well-being is commendable, and we are excited to see his passion translate into ensuring our city’s codes and regulations are upheld. Conner is a proud husband to Jessica and a loving father to one daughter and two sons, truly embodying the values of family and community.

“Our team wouldn’t be complete without the invaluable contribution of Debbie Detring, our new Administrative Clerk for Community Development. Debbie’s journey to this role showcases her determination and hard work, having initially joined us through Proman Staffing as a temp. Her dedication and exceptional skills were apparent to all, and we are delighted to announce that she has now become a permanent member of our Community Development Department. Debbie’s warmth and enthusiasm extend beyond her work, as she revels in the love of her two sons, two cats, and her wide array of hobbies, including reading, dancing, and enjoying a diverse range of musical genres. Her strong ties to her church, family, and friends underscore her genuine commitment to community building.”

Park Hills encourages the community to look for upcoming initiatives from the Community Development Department.

“Stay tuned for more updates and initiatives from the Community Development Department, as we work hand in hand to elevate the quality of life for every resident. Together, we can make Park Hills an even more exceptional place to live, work, and play. As we embark on this exciting journey with the City’s new Community Development Department, we invite you all to join us in welcoming Tyler, Conner, and Debbie to their respective roles. Their collective expertise, passion, and dedication will undoubtedly shape a brighter future for Park Hills, fostering a community that thrives in every sense of the word.”

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