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Trimfoot Park closes


Trimfoot Park, near the Farmington Elks Lodge, will be closed for some time due to lead remediation. (Sarah Haas)

Farmington park closed to remove lead-contaminated soil

The Farmington Parks and Recreation Department announced Tuesday afternoon that Farmington’s Trimfoot Park at the corner of Pine and Morris streets is temporarily closed as efforts are made to remove moderate amounts of lead-contaminated soil.

According to Doug Stotler, Farmington Parks and Recreation director, the work to remove and replace soils in Trimfoot Park is already underway. The soil mitigation project is expected to be completed, weather permitting, no later than the end of September.

The EPA has been actively assessing and removing lead-contaminated soils from various locations in the St. Francois County area since August 2010.

Overall, the EPA has been addressing its soil removal efforts with the highest priority given to schools and facilities attended by the youngest children and where their potential exposure to lead is greatest.

s the EPA continues measuring lead levels, soil contamination assessors have included public parks in St. Francois County. The parks that tested for lead at levels above 400 parts per million will receive soil removal and soil replacement.

Trimfoot Park is the first park in Farmington to receive soil removal and replacement.

The EPA recommends that parents have children under the age of 7 years tested for lead. Children ages 7 and younger are most susceptible to lead’s harmful health effects. Blood lead testing is inexpensive and can be arranged through most doctors’ offices. Children should also be encouraged to practice good hygiene habits, including regular hand washing, especially after playing outside.


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