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A Different Perspective

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A Different Perspective

By Audrey B. Unruh

The unexpected

I’m not sure how many of you have ever seen or watched the television series “Dirty Jobs.” 

It has been around for close to 20 years, but I’m not sure if it is still available on current TV.  It starred Mike Rowe as he investigated different jobs that possibly people never even considered as being dirty or jobs that they would never consider doing. 

Since his time of being involved with that program, Mike has now set up a SWEAT pledge and program that provides scholarships for those who want to become involved in everyday labor jobs that others might not be interested in.  He also has a new television program that tells the stories of some of the people he met during his adventures. 

One of those stories centered around a high school band director. He (Tony) was a very quiet person, played the tuba, and loved teaching and being in a concert orchestra in the community.

One day, he was running late for orchestra practice and was caught in a traffic jam that would make him even later to the rehearsal. Out of character and completely “out of the blue,” Tony swerved his car out of the lane of traffic, onto the right shoulder of the road, over sidewalks, and headed to the rehearsal hall. 

He arrived late, but as he slipped into his seat and opened his music score, he noticed that the only part he had to play in the entire piece were four notes. Shocked by the small amount of notes, he asked the conductor if this was correct. The orchestral conductor was none other than John Williams, famous song writer and conductor.

Reassured that the notes were what he was to play, Tony played the four notes that ended up being the theme in the movie Jaws. Tony was the person whom most would never consider taking a risk, never being the center of attention, and the most unexpected of all to have such a lead role for a movie.

One never knows who can or will step up to the plate and fill a role that changes the lives of those around them. Are you one of “the unexpected?”  Can God use you to be that one who will help to change the lives of others?  All I can say is look for an opportunity to be the one who makes a difference and go for it. Tony did.

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