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Paint night planned to benefit arts

PAM CLIFTON, Contributing Writer

Tuesday night, artists can turn on their creativity during a paint night to benefit a great cause.

For $15, people can participate in the first MAC Night Paint & Sip on Tuesday from 6-8 p.m. The event is open to community.

This paint night is the first of several fundraising events that will be held at The Bullpen, located at 1500 East Main Street in Leadington. Money raised from this first paint night goes to MAC’s food pantry.

This event is a community partnership between Mineral Area College’s art department, MAC Foundation and Mineral Area Council on the Arts. These three groups are providing their knowledge on supplies, connecting artists to the event, and organizing efforts and promotion. The Bullpen is hosting and promoting the event as well.

Tiffany Gallaher

“These events are not only fun, but they are also very affordable and will raise money for a local cause,” said Tiffany Gallaher, executive director for MACOA. “The money raised from these events go to various MAC and community organizations.”

The $15 fee for MAC Night Paint & Sip includes supplies for painting. Attendees may purchase food and drinks at The Bullpen during the event. Those with a valid MAC ID only pay $10 for each paint night.

These paint night events will be held every other Tuesday and include different themes. The money raised from each night goes to a different MAC or community organization.

The idea for this collaboration came from The Bullpen’s owner, Nick Basinger. He wanted to find new ways to bring community organizations together for a good cause. The Bullpen’s bar manager then reached out to MAC Foundation’s Kevin Thurman. The Bullpen has been a strong supporter of previous MAC Foundation efforts and events.

Gallaher and MAC instructor Abril Warner are combining MACOA and the MAC art department’s resources to sponsor the event with the MAC Foundation.

“Being on campus, we see the great need our students and faculty have,” said Gallaher. “The MAC food pantry is a great resource to all but needs a lot of renewable support to keep thriving.”

Matt Jarvis and Tina Miller keep the college’s food pantry supplied and organized.

When the current school year started in August, Gallaher and Warner discussed the idea of doing a campus fundraiser for the college’s food pantry.

“This opportunity was too great to pass up,” said Gallaher. “The idea to target MAC, since many MAC entities are participating, was the perfect way to support our organization and draw a crowd both from MAC and the community.”

Gallaher said Basinger is always supportive of their organizations.

“We’re also hoping to do both in-house and community donations,” she said. “We intend to look into more organizations as the events progress.”

Some of the intended organizations who will receive money raised from the paint nights include the MAC Foundation, MAC Art Club, MAC Student Lounge Fund (a new student lounge that is being renovated and furnished), Backstoppers, Mineral Area Fine Arts Academy Encore! Kids Chorale, and MAFAA Handbell Choir.

Tuesday’s first paint night theme is MAC’s mascot, Kirby.

The paint nights take place the second and fourth Tuesday of each month from 6-8 p.m. Additional dates are currently being planned.

“We expect a great crowd and know it’s going to be a great time,” said Gallaher.

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