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Suspects in custody after shooting Sunday afternoon


Two are in custody after an arrest attempt turned into an officer-involved shooting Sunday afternoon in the Fredericktown Walmart parking lot.handcuffs snippet

Aaron Bertrand, 50, of Fredericktown, is charged with six felonies, two counts of resisting/interfering with arrest, two counts of armed criminal action, unlawful use of a weapon, unlawful possession of a firearm, and a misdemeanor, fourth-degree assault.

The probable cause statement filed Monday afternoon reports that authorities recognized Bertrand at the Fredericktown Walmart. Knowing that he has 11 active felony warrants, assistance was requested.

“I traveled to Walmart entering from the south off of Kranjec Drive,” the report states. “While driving past the entrance to the store I observed Bertrand walking towards the entrance.”

Provided by Madison County Sheriff's Department


It is reported that when Bertrand saw the police vehicle make a U-turn he ran west away from the authorities, where he entered a black Pontiac passenger vehicle.

“I stopped my patrol vehicle in front of the black Pontiac facing the front of my vehicle toward the front of his,” the officer reported. “Before exiting my patrol vehicle, I observed Bertrand in the driver’s seat and a female in the front passenger seat.”

At this time, the report said, the officer was assisted by another officer on the passenger side of the patrol car.

“I exited my patrol vehicle, simultaneously drawing my department-issued Taser from its holster on my plate carrier,” the officer reports in the pc statement. “As I cleared my door, I observed a black pistol in Bertrand’s left hand on top of the steering wheel. I dropped my Taser and drew my department-issued Sig-Sauer P226, and aimed it at Bertrand.”

At this time, the report states, the female passenger opened the door and fled on foot.

The PC statement says the officer gave Bertrand numerous commands to drop the gun while moving toward the passenger side of the vehicle. The officer reported he could see clearly inside through the front passenger window, which was in the down position.

“At that time, I could clearly see in Bertrand’s left hand a black in color pistol pointed towards my direction,” the report said. “Continuing to command Bertrand to drop the gun, I observed him point the gun directly at me. I shot three rounds towards Bertrand.”

The report said that, after the shots were fired, Bertrand floored the vehicle in reverse. The officer and his backup jumped into the patrol car, activated the lights and siren, and gave chase.

“With no knowledge of the direction Bertrand left I turned onto Walton Drive,” the report said. “A quick search of the surrounding area revealed nothing, and I returned to Walmart to locate the female.”

Back at the scene, the officers located Jessie Thompson, the passenger who fled from Bertrand’s car.

“I asked Thompson where Bertrand would go,” the PC revealed. “Thompson advised she did not know, she did not know he had a gun when he picked her up, and when she saw the gun that is why she ran from the car.”

Thompson has active warrants out for her arrest and was taken into custody at that time.

Bertrand was later discovered at a home on County Road 275 in Madison County. The suspect was taken into custody at 9:50 p.m. on Sunday.

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