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Park Hills hires a key director position

Paul Johnson is the new Parks & Recreation Department director for Park Hills. (City of Park Hills)


Although the City of Park Hills has endured its share of employment turnover in the last couple of years, the newest hire for the city is Paul Johnson, who is filling the role of parks and recreation director.

Recent Facebook posts have indicated some Park Hills citizens have felt the conditions of several city parks and the city sports complex have deteriorated. Some have asked who is in charge of the Parks and Recreation Department.

City officials have said they hope Johnson’s experience, knowledge, and community connections will help him be successful in his new role.

“It is with much excitement that we introduce you to the newest addition to our community leadership,” reads the Park Hills website. “Johnson’s journey to this position is a testament to his dedication, service, and deep-rooted passion for our beloved town.”

The city website continued, “Johnson’s aspirations for the Parks & Recreation Department are ambitious and community-oriented. He aims to expand and enhance our sports programs, providing even more opportunities for our youth to engage in healthy and fulfilling activities. With the imminent opening of the new Aquatics Center, he envisions it as a focal point for community gatherings and engagement.”

The city website reads that Johnson is “eagerly anticipating” the Annual Christmas in Columbia Park light display, with planning already underway for this year’s event.

“His dedication to our town’s festivities extends throughout the year, as he recognizes the year-round potential of creating memorable community experiences,” continues the city website about Johnson’s vision for the future of the parks department.

The city discusses Johnson’s qualifications for the position in their online profile, “Before assuming his current role as Parks & Recreation Director, Johnson was contracted with the City as the Sports Complex Manager. This experience provided invaluable insights into the inner workings of our city’s recreational facilities and programs, offering a solid foundation for his current leadership.”

Johnson is a 1990 Central High School graduate. Following graduation, Johnson enlisted in the Army and spent four years in service to his country. “Johnson’s story is one of commitment to both country and community. His military service instilled in him the values of discipline and duty, qualities he would carry into his future endeavors,” says the city website.

After serving his country, Johnson served as a case manager with the Missouri Department of Corrections for 18 years. Johnson spent another decade with the Central School District as a custodian and bus driver. The Park Hills website says Johnson’s career is “marked by unwavering dedication, defining his commitment to helping others and creating strong bonds with our community’s youth.”

Johnson lives in Park Hills with his family and wife, Kendra. The couple has a family of 13 children, including three sets of twin boys ages 3, 7, and 11.  The Johnsons also have eight grandchildren.

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