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By Audrey B. Unruh

Always  Remember

Aren’t there certain things that have occurred during your lifetime that you will absolutely never forget?  

Maybe it was a special childhood birthday party or gift. A certain vacation that you took with family or friends. A teacher or classmate that was such an encouragement to you when you needed it the most. A particular song that reminds you of a special event in your life. The day you achieved a goal that you had set for yourself.  

Memories can bring us joy, laughs, smiles, and happy thoughts. Looking through old picture albums can stir up within us those special times.  Rereading an old diary or planner or finding a hidden treasure in an attic or box that has been stored away for years. Recalling those times can be rewarding and encouraging for all of us.  

But there are also the times that are more difficult for us to remember. The day that brought about changes in your life due to the loss of loved ones.  Disasters that changed the lives of communities and nations forever.  Trials, troubles, and difficulties occur in each of our lives. 

No one is exempt.  It is up to each of us to deal with these issues and continue to move forward. What we learn from these situations will either motivate us or defeat us. How we respond will make all the difference as we move forward. Depression has a tendency to creep in and we can either wallow in it or rise above it. It may take time for us to adjust and deal, but there is always a solution.  

God promises to never leave or forsake us. He is always ready and willing to give us the strength we need to keep moving ahead. All we need to do is ask. He is more than able to restore our hope and joy and peace.  Certainly it doesn’t mean that we forget, but we can always remember, and should remember what we hold dear.  

God bless each of you as you remember the special times and hold them dearly to your hearts.

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