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Land Transfers-Week of Sept. 13

Provided by Saundra Ivison, Recorder of Deeds

WD: Bernard J. Falco & wife to Fredericktown Apartments, LLC

QCD: Larry L. Whalen & wife to Jeffrey J. Dezell & wife

WD: Nicky L. Whitmore & wife to H&M Investment Properties, LLC

WD: Kelvin L. Biesmeyer & wife to Daniel Lee Pogue

WD: Dennis A. Henke & wife, Trustees to Jacob B. DeVeydt

WD: Bernice P. Bacon to Nathan Broccard & wife

WD: Larry Hill & wife to James Frame & wife

QCD: Jamie R. Reynolds & wife to Jamie R. Reynolds & wife, Trustees

BEN: Vernon D. Davis & wife to Caterina Quartararo, et al

WD: Russell Woodring to Randi Sue Woodring

WD: S&G LLC to Keven M. Shoemaker & wife

QCD: Blossom E. Gilbo to Patsy L. Gilbo

BEN: Jaina Antoinette Specht to Thomas Joseph Seper, II

WD: Philip Lawler to Eastern Ozark Properties, LLC

QCD: Philip Lawler to Eastern Ozark Properties, LLC

WD: James H. Paullus – First Successor Trustee to Mary Elizabeth Paullus Bangert

WD: Dan R. Combs, et al to Back Forty Inv, LLC

WD: Freedom Mortgage Corporation to Secretary of Veterans Affairs

WD: Ronald Lynn Montgomery to Vernon Lee Head – Trustee

WD: Alfred Moss & wife to Andy Moss & wife

BEN: Thomas C. Greene & wife to Brandon T. Greene & wife

WD: Bobbie J. Hufford & Marsha S. Hufford Revocable Trust to Kenneth Milam & wife

WD: Jeffrey J. Dezell & wife to Acting Trustee of Dickens Family Revocable Trust

QCD: James P. Kurtz & wife to Becca Rose Mangold

WD: Sharon D. Smith, Trustee to Joseph W. Smith

BEN: Joseph W. Smith to Austin Layne Smith

QCD: Harry E. Mungle & wife to Katherine Nettles

WD: H&M Investments, LLC to Michael Rentals, LLC

WD: AMBH Holdings, LLC to Michael Rentals, LLC

WD: Mary Jo Jensen – Successor Trustee to Saundra K. Crader

WD: Steven C. Head & wife – Trustees to Nisarul Haque & wife

BEN: Saundra K. Crader to Randy W. Sawyer & Dean R. Sawyer

WD: Devin S. Parker to Rebecca Stortz & Heather Stortz

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