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Senator Rehder announces victories on crucial pieces of legislation

Holly Rehder

Submitted by Senator Holly Thompson Rehder

Senator Holly Thompson Rehder fought for the protection of women’s sports and won. She has empowered victims of domestic violence and pushed for protections for Missouri students all in the 2023 legislative session.


Like many Missourians, Rehder believes in protecting women’s sports. Senate Bill 39 focuses on keeping women’s sports fair by not allowing biological males to compete against biological females. This act ensures that female student athletes, kindergarten through the collegiate level, will have fair opportunities and competition. 

For the students who take technical classes alongside adults on high school campuses, Senate Bill 40 ensures their total safety. This act ensures that all adults are subjected to background checks to find if they have prior criminal history. If an adult is found to have a history of crime, they will be asked to take the courses in a different setting from the students, allowing adults to continue their education, without possibly putting our children at risk. 

For victims of domestic violence Rehder is on your side fighting to help you get back on your feet. Her amendments to Senate Bill 28 will allow for the waiving of fees for a person requesting a birth certificate if they have been subjected to domestic violence or abuse. 

In Senate Bill 41, Senator Thompson Rehder succeeded in permanently removing the additional red tape that pharmacists had to go through to provide vaccines for their patients like shingles and the flu. Senate Bill 41 will also allow pharmacists to start testing for strep throat and the flu, expanding access for these healthcare services. 

“I have always been a champion for conservative values, and I am proud to have been able to fight for issues that Missourians find near and dear to their hearts. This legislative session has been filled with great victories for the people of Missouri,” Senator Rehder said.

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