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Spotlight on our Latest Stars:

Provided by FALC

Photo provided by FALC
Fredericktown Alternative Learning Campus welcomes Ashley Mayberry, Zak Keller, and Christel Schrum for the 2023-2024 school year.

We are all proud Blackcats here at FALC! Let’s roar! 

This year, for the Alternative Learning Campus’ articles, we are going to let our community get to know us better and how much it means to us to be a part of this district and profession.  

To add sprinkles to our awesome sundae, we asked our students to be in charge of the questions while conducting this interview. Four to six questions were selected per teacher. And for an added cherry (our school is a sweet place to be,) the students used fun nicknames as their signatures. 

We wanted to start with the three newest members of our FALC Family.  Please welcome and get to know: Ashley Mayberry, Zak Keller, and Christel Schrum.


The Marvelous Ashley Maberry:

North County graduate with a passion for band and choir.  Obtained her degree in special education through Mineral Area College and Central Methodist University.  When not engaging her middle school students, Mrs. Mayberry enjoys spending time with her family (including her dog), camping, and admiring her fish.

How old are you?- question asked by “Green Dog”

  • “I am 29 years old.”

What is your favorite type of dog?- Green Shark.

  • “A beagle!”

How many animals do you have all together?- Yellow Turtle.

  • “Two: a beagle and I also have a 50-gallon fish tank. It is very relaxing.”

What is your favorite song Mrs. Mayberry?- Blue Dog.

  • “‘Wanna Dance’ by Whitney Houston.”

What was your favorite class when you were in school?- Blue Shark.

  • “History.”

How long have you been working with Miss Settle?- Galactic Wolf.

  • “For this year. I enjoy working with Miss Settle for she is helpful, organized, and has a good rapport with our students.”


The Kind Mr. Zak Keller: 

Just recently married, Mr. Keller is always there to jump into action whenever we need him like the star he is. We are proud to give this first-year teacher the foundation for his teaching journey as he helps our students succeed and smile.  

What is your favorite color- Pink Koala?

  • “My favorite color is blue! If I had to pick a second choice, it would be black.”

What do you outside of school for fun?- Red and Black Horse

  • “Outside of school, I enjoy going to car shows with my wife (and taking my ‘71 Beetle), coaching football, watching football, and hanging out with my friends and my dog Bella.”

What made you want to start teaching/wanna be a teacher- Blue Penguin and Red Cat

  • “I had many awesome teachers and coaches throughout my life. They impacted the course of my life, and each one of them helped push me to become a teacher.  I’m simply returning the favor by trying to be the best coach and teacher I can be. Teaching is also something I’ve always wanted to do. I have seen that teachers make a difference each day.”

What is your favorite thing to eat- Blue Kitten

  • “My favorite thing to eat would have to be pizza. There are so many different ways to eat pizza.  Nothing beats a pizza-pie.”


The Sensational Mrs. Christel Schrum:

A West County graduate who has a warm personality that matches her classroom set-up, Mrs. Schrum comes to us with an education degree from Central Methodist University and a drive to build positive relationships with all her high school students and co-workers. She cherishes her three kids and Golden Doodle (her fourth child) and music.  

What would you think would be a good first job and what was your first job?- Black German Shepard and Hunter Green Turtle

  • “I would say a fast food restaurant is a good first job or finding people that will pay you to mow their lawn. My first job was working at Farmington Steak N’ Shake as a hostess.”

What do you do outside of school for fun?- Red Dog and Blue Dog.

  • “In my free time, I like to spend it with my husband and children, watching movies or T.V. together or taking a walk in the park with them.”

What motivates you to come to work every day?- Sage Green Sea Turtle

  • “My motivation for coming into work every day is the students.  I hope to see what a student(s)’ needs are and be able to help get the needs met.”

Are you really super nice and sweet or is it an act?  If not, why are you?- Blue Fox.

  • “No, I am not acting. Don’t get me wrong though; I have my moments of not being so nice.  Ask my kids, haha… I try to be nice because it is very important to me to add light to the world instead of darkness.”

What made you want to be a teacher/What does it feel like to be a teacher?- Blue Dog and Red Orca

  • “I wanted to become a teacher to make a difference in a student’s life. I want my room to be a place students feel cared for, supported, and welcomed. I also want to see students that need to be seen.
  • “To be a teacher is to feel all the feels. It is exciting, scary, and overwhelming at times.  Exhausting, important, and emotional, and I love it!”

What are three positive things about yourself?- Green Wolf

  • “1: I care about others a lot.
  • 2: I try to be friendly to everyone around me.
  • 3: My faith.  I wouldn’t be who I am without it.
  • Bonus: Being a mom”


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