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Parkland PRC unveils expanded facilities at open house, ribbon-cutting

Immediately after the ribbon is cut, confetti rains down on the crowd outside the new Parkland Pregnancy Resource Center facility in Farmington. (Kevin R. Jenkins)

New location at 1565 Ste. Genevieve Avenue in Farmington


The Parkland Pregnancy Resource Center (PRC) held an open house and ribbon-cutting Thursday in recognition of its recent move from the center’s long-time home in Park Hills to its new location at 1565 Ste. Genevieve Ave. in Farmington.

According to PRC Executive Director Becky Laubinger, the move turned out not to be as easy as the pro-life center had hoped, with a major problem occurring in the midst of the transition.

Prior to the ribbon-cutting ceremony, Parkland Pregnancy Resource Center Executive Director Becky Laubinger thanks the community for its support as members of the staff and PRC Board of Directors stand by her side. (Kevin R. Jenkins)

“We bought the building right before that cold winter freeze, and then we discovered there were pipes in the ceiling at the new building,” she said. “Those pipes burst, and there was a flood in the building. We had already planned to do some renovating, but there was a lot more renovation that happened because of the floods, which turned into a blessing.

“At the time, it was kind of like with crisis pregnancies. What do you do in the moment? But then you look at the resources, and it turns into an awesome blessing. That’s exactly what happened to us with the building and the flood. We were able to do some additional renovations and make it even more usable for our clients.”

Now that the renovations are complete, PRC’s new site offers even more room to offer life-affirming ministries to families in the area. There are five classrooms spaced throughout the building, a clothes closet comprised of gently-used attire and a boutique filled with items that include baby clothes, diapers, a large selection of infant care products, and more expensive items like car seats.

During a tour of the facility, Amanda Schnable, client services coordinator, explained that moms are encouraged to sign up for the PRC’s Parenting Program, which meets on Mondays. The classes cover more than parenting skills, with other practical training offered such as budgeting and how to rent a house or buy a car.

“We have mentors who volunteer their time every Monday,” she said. “We don’t just put anybody in a room with our PRC clients. They go through an extensive interview process. We have a lot of dads and a lot of grandmas who attend classes with the moms, and we offer childcare and nursery during class time. We also offer DFS Parent Support Classes on Tuesdays for families that have lost their children to the foster care system that would meet the requirements of the judge.”

PRC encourages moms to attend parenting classes by offering incentives for their continued participation.

“It’s a learn-to-earn program,” Schnable said. “The moms take the points they earn during classes and use them like cash. Just for being here, the moms can go to our clothes closet. We have a team of volunteers that come on Thursday to go through all of our donations. If they would be willing to put the clothing on their own baby or grandbaby, then they’ll put it in the room. If not, we do something else with them.”

Schnable commented that only brand-new items are sold in the PRC boutique.

“Our boutique teaches our families that, yes, we are going to hold you by the hand and walk you through this,” she said. “Yes, we are going to give you free resources. But if you want the car seat that’s brand new, there are 300 points on that. You’re going to have to work for it because not everything is a handout in life. You’re going to have to come to two or three classes and put your time in to get those brand-new items.

“We try to stock our boutique with personal care items that moms use their EBT food stamp cards for when they go to the store. We ask ourselves, ‘What’s a non-food item that she can’t use that card for?’ And so, we try to have items in there for that. Most of our diapers come from churches. They will have drives for us and deliver diapers to us monthly or quarterly or whatever. We also have maternity clothes and breastfeeding supplies. She can also go through the clothes closet, if need be.”

The PRC Boutique offers moms a wide range of brand-new supplies they can earn by attending parenting skill classes. (Kevin R. Jenkins)

Before the ribbon-cutting ceremony, Laubinger spoke to the crowd about PRC’s history of pro-life ministry to the region.

“The community is always a part of the circle of the PRC. We can’t do what we do without you — without the community — and it’s just because of your support that we’re able to serve the people in front of you. We’re able to see lives saved, and this is all because of your support and our community support. It’s so exciting to see what you’ve done. There are a couple of pictures inside of the two other locations that we’ve had, and it’s just a blessing to see how the ministry has grown and how the community support has increased so that we’re able to do even more for our families.

“I also want to take this opportunity to say thank you to my amazing staff, who have put their hearts and lives into this ministry. We recently had a client who had moved. She contacted us and said she’s tried to connect with other PRCs in her area, and they just don’t have what we have. I’d say that’s because of our staff. God has just given us some great things here, and so I’m thankful for them. I’m thankful for our board, who guides our ministry so that we can stay on mission and continue to do what we need to do. I’m excited to have our satellite manager here. We’ve not only added a new building this year, but we’ve also added a second location. And so, there’s just double blessings going on this year. We are very, very blessed and humbled to be a part of this. Thank you with our whole hearts for your support in making this ministry possible.”

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