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From Our Files- Week of Sept. 27

100 years – Sept. 27, 1923

What is believed to have been the heaviest sentence ever given in the state of Missouri for the sale of liquor, was handed out Tuesday in the Circuit Court here when Herman Potts was sentenced to three years in the penitentiary.

G.H. Hahn this week showed us the mummy of a cat which he is certain is no less than 60 years old. There is not a decayed bone and not a break in the skin of the thing and outside of a certain shrinkage and the total disappearance of hair, it is natural in appearance. 

Owing to the crowded condition of the primary room in the grade school it will be necessary to limit the enrollment to those who are of school age. There are 50 enrolled in the room now. Ten or eleven of these are not 6 years old yet. Most of them will not be six until late in the spring. Two other underaged children are planning to enter and there may be others. There are 39 or 40 children of school age who are in the room now. Therefore, it becomes necessary to limit the enrollment to those who are now 6 years old and to those who will be six years old before January 1. 

The value of the cattle industry to Madison County was abundantly indicated this week when ten carloads of cattle were shipped out to the St. Louis market. The cattle shipped were of extra good quality and doubtless brought a very good price. It has been estimated that the ten carloads sold for at least $12,500.

75 years – Sept. 30, 1948

Several hundred fish are dead in town creek and at the entry of the creek into the Little St. Francois River as a result of the extreme dry weather and the infiltration of the sewage of Fredericktown into the creek.

Fredericktown’s volunteer fire department will be using a new and modern fire truck in 1949 according to Fire Chief Marvin Graham who told The Democrat-News this week of the recently placed order. The new fire truck is a Mack “Type 45” equipped with a 500 gallon per minute pressure volume two-stage centrifugal pump and the accessories will include all new and modern equipment. 

It is learned this week that Everett Osborne will open his new men’s clothing store next week. The business will be located in the new building being finished on South Mine La Motte Ave. just south of the Rodenburg Garage. 

Fredericktown is the scene of another building boom. Dozens of new houses are under construction as well as the remodeling and building of several new business establishments. The Fredericktown Auction Co. is constructing a new auction barn at the north edge of Fredericktown and the new building will be an imposing one, much larger and offering more accommodations for livestock than the old one.

50 years –Sept. 27, 1973

The Jim D. McKeethern home on Highway Z (Route 1) was totally destroyed by fire between 6:30 and 7 a.m. Wednesday morning. He was burned and taken to Madison Memorial for treatment. Neighbors removed appliances and clothing from a nearby garage that was also threatened. The cause of the fire is unknown.

Two adults and two juveniles are currently being held in the Madison County jail, the result of three stabbings at Gordon’s Cafe on U.S. 67 south, early Sunday morning. Joe Rowland is in critical condition at Veteran’s Hospital in Poplar Bluff. He was stabbed in the abdomen, with the spleen damaged. Richard (Red King) Myers was cut and is a patient at Madison Memorial Hospital. A bystander, Lindell Kemp was also knifed. 

Dr. Shelby Claude Slaughter, M.D., who practiced medicine in Fredericktown and Madison County for 65 years, died on Friday, Sept. 21, at the St. Joseph’s Hill Infirmary in St. Louis at the age of 95. 

The Bank of Marquand has undergone extensive renovation in recent weeks. The expansion has more than doubled the size of the original facility.

25 years – Sept. 30, 1998

The 1998 Football Homecoming Queen Candidates are Jennifer Barrett, Sarah Peppers, Sarah Laut, Haley Sutton, Emily Hogan, and Angie Sikes.

Nearly one-fifth of the population of Fredericktown uses the current ballpark facilities in the City of Fredericktown, not including spectators. Monday night, the Fredericktown City Council heard from the Complex “2000” Committee, some concerned citizens, who would like to see the quality and quantity of baseball, softball, and soccer fields in this community increase.

There were 18 children who participated in the Lions Club Bicycle Safety Rodeo, Saturday, at the Fredericktown Armory. The Club presented each one with a free bicycle helmet.

Madison County dedicated the new Saline Creek Bridge, Monday. 

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