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SAE Spotlight: Clara Basden

Provided by FFA Clara Basden

Submitted By Fredericktown Chapter Reporters Clara Basden and Mattie Miller

Clara Basden is currently serving as our Fredericktown FFA Chapter Co-Reporter. 

She is one of the students that is in charge of the Fredericktown FFA T-Shirt Design Crew. Clara and Ella Clauser design and screen print t-shirts for school and community organizations. 

Clara also maintains a variety of native flower patches collecting seeds, fruit production, conservation management and expansion of a couple pond projects, creating a variety of animals and other figures she crochets and sells. She is looking into a program to plant a section of ground in butterfly friendly vegetation to increase pollinators. 

Another thing which Clara will be adding to her SAE this year is research and producing articles and social media posts for community agriculture education. 

Clara’s parents are Jason and Cindy Basden. She is in the 11th grade and plans to attend SEMO after high school. 


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