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Beatles cover band ‘Liverpool Legends’ returning to Centene

Editor’s Note: According to Farmington Parks and Recreation Director Doug Stotler, the Liverpool Legends concert will be the first event held in Centene Center after it received significant damage from a broken waterline in August. While there will still be a few cosmetic details that will need to be completed in coming weeks, he said it won’t affect the safe use of the facility.

When Marty Scott was younger, he discovered his older sister’s Beatles records, took them and never gave them back to her. Little did he realize at the time that was the beginning of his fascination with The Beatles.

The defining moment for Scott came after he was singing some of lead guitarist George Harrison’s songs at a Beatles convention in Chicago not long after George passed away. Someone very special heard Scott singing.

The Liverpool Legends return to Farmington Centene Center on Oct. 7. Marty Scott portrays George Harrison, David Tanner is Paul McCartney, Kevin Mantegna is John Lennon, and Greg George is Ringo Starr. Liverpool Legends

Louise Harrison, George’s sister, heard Scott singing with another Beatles cover band. She introduced herself after the performance, and the two immediately formed a friendship. They decided to organize a show of their own, which she would promote.

Scott soon founded the band Liverpool Legends.

Now, thanks to Mineral Area Council on the Arts and the City of Farmington, the well-known cover band Liverpool Legends returns to Farmington for a second time.

Liverpool Legends performs at 7 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 7, at Farmington Centene Center. Tickets are $19.50 and available at the civic center. Call 573-756-0900 for information.

Scott portrays George Harrison, David Tanner is Paul McCartney, Kevin Mantegna is John Lennon and Greg George is Ringo Starr.

The Beatles are still one of the most known influential pop music groups in the world. In fact, the group has many tribute and cover bands.

But the Liverpool Legends band – based in Branson – stands out from all other cover bands. The four members of the group were hand-picked by Louise, who proudly expressed, “Liverpool Legends are the very best four guys to portray the Beatles since the only four guys to play the Beatles were John, Paul, George and Ringo!”

Top TV and film producer Jerry Bruckheimer, known for “CSI,” “Pirates of the Caribbean,” and “National Treasure,” chose this band over all other Beatles tribute bands to portray the band that changed the course of music and the world forever.

The group has gone on worldwide tours on nearly every continent. They’ve headlined at New York City’s Carnegie Hall. They created a “Fab Fan Memories” album, which was nominated for a Grammy in 2012. Scott was able to walk the red carpet with Louise to do interviews together.

Liverpool Legends has performed for sold-out audiences of 20,000 people in Mexico City, India, Israel, Ecuador, Chile and cities throughout the U.S. They’ve headlined the prestigious Rose Bowl four times with more than 160,000 in attendance.

In addition, their home base is in Branson at the Caravelle Theatre on West 76 Country Boulevard.

The group has perfected their show over the last six decades, so audience members feel as if they’ve stepped back in time as Liverpool Legends transports them to experience a live Beatles concert.

For Scott, perfecting his portrayal of Harrison was important to him. He said portraying a member of The Beatles is a bit of an acting job because they must look like, sound like and act like The Beatles.

When the group was in its earliest stages of development, Scott decided he needed to learn how to walk, talk, act, sing and play like Harrison. He practiced playing the guitar like Harrison for about 10 hours a day.

Scott recorded Harrison’s dialogue from a movie and added it to a CD so he could practice it in his car.

The Liverpool Legends’ success continues because of The Beatles’ continued popularity.

“It’s the magic of The Beatles,” Scott said. “It’s like the only music that a kid and his great-grandfather can both enjoy together because it’s the uniqueness of the music where all ages come together.”

He said The Beatles have taken him around the world.

“And now we’ve been performing longer than The Beatles were the Beatles,” he said.

Out of the band’s numerous accomplishments, Scott ranks meeting Beatles band member Paul McCartney at the top of his list.

Scott also loved it when he played at Carnegie Hall, which was special for him and his grandfather, who thought it was a “very big deal.”

He always enjoys meeting Beatles fans around the world.

“We’ve had some kinds of experiences that we would never get to do if we weren’t doing this,” he said. “We’ve been really lucky that somehow we’ve just been in the right place at the right time.”

Scott said he’s grateful for all of the unique experiences and credits Louise for so much of the band’s success.

“If you’re going to portray somebody, to have that person’s sister by your side is very important,” he said. “We became like family, and it’s been quite an experience with her.”

When Liverpool Legends takes the stage on Oct. 7 in Farmington, it’s a guarantee they will be welcomed by fans of all ages.

“This is a show you do not want to miss,” said MACOA Executive Director Tiffany Gallaher. “Not only are there countless and raving reviews online, but those who saw the show last time will tell you it is the closest performance to the legends themselves.”

The Liverpool Legends’ first stop in Farmington was after the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We are so excited to have them again without the restrictions and delays that we had before,” said Gallaher.

For more information, contact Gallaher at 573-518-2125 or email For tickets, call 573-756-0900.

Pam Clifton is a contributing writer for the Daily Journal.


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