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City of Farmington announces traffic change at busy intersection

Although the westbound lane of Plaza Drive was still open as of Wednesday morning, the city has issued a press release informing motorists that will no longer be possible by the end of the week. Kevin R. Jenkins

The City of Farmington Public Works Department issued a press release Tuesday announcing the permanent closure of the westbound lane of Plaza Drive between Weber Road and Potosi Street, which is expected to take place by the end of the week. 

Quite simply, we’re improving Weber Road and the pedestrian sidewalk,” said City Administrator Greg Beavers. “Along the south side, we’ve got a tremendous amount of pedestrian traffic that travels the intersection where Plaza Drive, Weber Rd., and Potosi St. and all the traffic off of Karsch Boulevard come together. It’s overly congested, and it all happens in a very, very small geographic area, so our intention is to eliminate one of the traffic conflicts of that intersection by having Plaza be only one way to the north.

“So, in effect, when you pull off Karsch Boulevard, and you’re going to Panera Bread Company or to the back entrance of Lowe’s, that’s fine, and you can still go that way. If you’re leaving Lowe’s, or if you’re leaving Panera Bread Company, you won’t be able to head south on that intersection at all. What you’ll need to do is travel a block down Potosi Street, cross the new Grand Canyon entrance that we’ve constructed and then queue up along Weber. The intention is to eliminate one of the traffic conflicts at that intersection, to make it a much safer place for people to walk.”

Drivers are cautioned to be alert to traffic cones and signage used as navigation aids near the intersection.

To read the press release in its entirety, visit the Farmington Public Works’ Facebook page at 

For more information, the Farmington Public Works Department can be reached by calling 573-756-0608.

Lisa Brotherton-Barnes is a staff writer with the Daily Journal. She can be reached at

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