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Desloge aldermen discuss purchasing fire equipment, park plans

Desloge Fire Department member Dan Nier appears before the board of aldermen during its Monday night meeting at city hall, asking that the city purchase updated equipment for firefighters to use during emergency situations. Dan Schunks

 The Desloge City Council discussed plans for City Park and the Brightwell Baseball Field, as well as the rezoning of property when it met in regular session Monday night.

along with hearing from a citizen who expressed the city’s need to purchase updated fire equipment and a need for audio-visual equipment in the council meeting room.

During the public comment portion of the meeting, former mayor David Shaw asked if the city was still involved with the Southeast Missouri Planning Association in coming up with a comprehensive plan for the city of Desloge.

Mayor Pete Pasternak replied that the plan was still in progress and after the association finished with Ste. Genevieve, the city of Desloge, would gain their full attention.

Shaw then asked about using audio-visual equipment to make it easier to hear the proceedings for those attending city meetings. Shaw commented that utilizing audio-visual enhancement would make presentations much simpler and clearer to understand. The board agreed and said that the subject had been broached in the past and should be revisited and updated.

Speaking during the public comment portion of the meeting, Dan Nier, a member of the Desloge Fire Department, said, “The other day, on Oct. 15th at 10:08 p.m., we had a very serious car accident right out here in front of the police station, and there was a couple people in the audience here that were there. We worked that incident with an entrapment. I’m not angry because we don’t have the best equipment. I’m angry because that lady in the car was screaming, ‘I’m in pain.’”

“It should have been a cut, open, and get the lady out and let’s get her transported. So, imagine your loved one being in there for 20 minutes, screaming, when your fire department is on the outside.”

“I’m sorry if I’m out of line, but that really hurt me, and that’s why I’m here.”

Among items he felt were needed were a generator and extrication tools.

Chris Gremminger, also a member of the fire department, pointed out that the equipment in question was state of the art when it was purchased 30 years ago, but was now outdated.

The board responded that it had not received any bids for new equipment and that to purchase equipment, bids must be submitted.

“Just bring the bids to us,” said Alderman John Wigger. “I think what you need to do is contact the companies and figure out what tools you want and tell us how much they are.”

The board was in agreement that emergency management was a conversation they have had several times during budget discussions and that the city wanted to ensure that it had the tools needed for emergency management.

Also during public discussion, Chris Gremminger and his son Evan informed the city of a water problem at a home they had recently completely remodeled, including the installation of new plumbing. The problem was that the water is rusty and has already ruined the fixtures that were recently installed. All of the pipes in the house are plastic. The city agreed to investigate the city water line leading to the meter.

Parks and Recreation Director Dooley Politte informed the board of his intent to apply for a Land Water Conservation Fund (LWCG) grant. If the application is approved, the grant will be used to fund the installation of three fenced pickleball courts, along with parking, as well as the replacement of two prefab bathrooms at Brightwell Park and an additional restroom at the dog park area.

The pickleball courts would be constructed on the old soccer field. Plans also call for a disc golf course. Phase two of the plan would be to resurface the tennis court, install new lights at Brightwell Park and add a restroom in City Park near the Gazebo area.

“The downside to this is it’s a grant that’s going to take time,” Politte said. “So, we probably won’t even hear until spring, and it might even be next summer or even fall before we’d actually get the okay to start going.”

The city will have two years to complete the project after it begins. The resolution authorizing Politte to apply for the grant was unanimously approved.

In other business, the city is implementing a program to allow residents to pay their water bills online, as many other communities are already doing. It will not be mandatory. Interested residents should contact city hall for more information.

The next board of aldermen meeting will be held at 7 p.m. Nov. 13.

Dan Schunks is a staff writer for the Daily Journal. He can be reached at


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