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Let us rebuild

A Different Perspective By Audrey B Unruh 


Have you ever been at a place in your life where you realized it was time for you to start over, begin again, or rebuild?

What about when there was a fire that ravaged through and destroyed your home or property?  What about when an unexpected storm came through and tore down your buildings or community?  What about that accident that changed the lives of someone you knew?

What about that doctor’s report that made you realize things might never be the same as they were before?  What about the unexpected loss of one of your children or family members?  What about the destruction of a company where you work?

What about the tearing down of our moral standards and values in homes, schools, and marriages?  What about the breakup of churches that have turned their backs on true Biblical teachings?

I’m certain that each of us has experienced at least one or more of the above situations during our lifetime.  If not those, then something else that has made a significant change or difference in our lives.  In every one of these areas, lives have been changed and impacted forever.

The question is:  What do we do about it?  Do we just go along with whatever comes and accept it?  Do we wallow in sorrow and pity and retreat into a nonexistent way of life?  Do we become angry and fight back?  Do we ever try to find a solution and resolve the situation?

I’m afraid all too often we are willing to just sit back, accept the circumstances, keep living the same way again and again, but expect different results.

It doesn’t work that way.  We must be willing to step up to the plate, take the bull by the horns, ask the Lord for guidance and direction, and decide to make a difference.

Our country has become too lenient on crime. We have allowed ungodly principles to arise and consume our thoughts. We haven’t cared for and protected our veterans that have experienced horrible tragedies. We have become self centered and selfish.  We have forgotten God and His commandments.

NOW is the time for each of us to rebuild and reestablish what God would have us do.  Become involved in your home, schools, community, churches and let’s turn our world back to what our Heavenly Father would have us to be. It’s not too late. We can make a difference.

By the way, thank a veteran this week for all he/she has done for each of us!  We are blessed indeed because of their lives.

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