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FFA Greenhand, Chapter Degree Ceremony

Submitted by Fredericktown FFA Chapter Reporters: Mattie Miller and Clara Basden.

October 19, the Fredericktown FFA Chapter held its annual Greenhand and Chapter Degree Ceremony. 

Earlier in the week our Greenhand recipients dyed their hands green in honor of this event. The new Greenhands received a bronze pin to signify their qualities of hardiness and endurance, as these traits are necessary to go far in the FFA and in life. 

The new greenhands had to meet particular qualifications, such as reciting the five paragraph FFA Creed, and have plans for a supervised agricultural experience (SAE). Dane Laut, Fredericktown FFA Greenhand Degree Recipient recited the FFA Creed, written by E.M. Tiffany. Fifty-three freshman Fredericktown FFA members were awarded the Greenhand Degree.

Our Chapter Pin recipients received a silver pin at the Degree Ceremonies. This is the highest degree a chapter can bestow on its members. Writing and reciting a six to eight minute speech, productively investing a minimum amount of time and dollars towards the students Supervised Agricultural Experience, and other qualifications make a student qualified for this honor. Lyndee Hinkle gave her speech on Generational Farming at the event.

After the ceremonies concluded, students, parents, and guests were invited to stay for cake and punch and an open house in the Agricultural Building. 

Photo provided by FHS FFA
2023 Greenhand Degree Recipients

More 2023 Greenhand Degree Recipients . Photo provided by FHS FFA

Chapter Degree Recipients.
Photo provided by FHS FFA

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