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City of Leadington welcomes new Christmas tree for the season

City of Leadington Street Department Director Kenny Horton supervises the installation of the city’s new official Christmas tree. Lisa Brotherton-Barnes

The City of Leadington welcomed its newest resident around noon on Nov. 20. A live 20’ Norweigan pine was purchased by the city and strategically planted in the greenway in front of Pharmax Pharmacy.

The tree replaces the smaller one that had previously stood in the greenway by Hardee’s in the shopping plaza. An unfortunate meeting with a truck brought about the tree’s demise. The city council approved the purchase of a new “official city tree” to be decorated annually for the Christmas season.

Street Department Director Kenny Horton researched tree farms, then personally selected the tree and orchestrated its delivery from Bozsa Tree Farms for installation in its new home.

“Before COVID, we used to have a lighting ceremony that was tied in with the Christmas Parade, Horton said. “People would come out, sing carols, have hot cocoa. It was a nice community event, and I hope we can do something similar with this one. If we can’t get it all arranged in time this year, I definitely want to see us do it next year.”

A passerby commented, “This tree is awesome. That other poor tree looked like it belonged to Charlie Brown.”

At the most recent board of aldermen meeting, Leadington Police Chief Jerry Hicks announced the return of the police department’s program to pull over drivers and give them something they don’t expect.

“We pull people over and say, ‘Here you go, Merry Christmas,’ and give them a gift card for gas or toys for the kids,” Hicks said. “It’s kind of like a Secret Santa type of thing. Everything is donated – like the Pit Stop has already given over $500 worth of $10 gift cards and toys for the kids. Big Lots and the car dealerships give things for the dads in the cars – T-shirts and hats from Ford and Pettus. It’s a really good balance, and we will be keeping track of who got what and everything.”

Lisa Brotherton-Barnes is a staff writer with the Daily Journal. She can be reached at

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