The Daily Journal has a long history as well as a few name changes.

Jan. 10, 1930 - The first publication of the weekly Leadwood Press is printed, founded by Rev. Brumfield.

1935 - Noah A. Gerig purchased the newspaper for $600 and moved it to Flat River where he renamed it the St. Francois County Journal.

1940 - The St. Francois County Journal newspaper began publishing three times a week.

Sept. 3, 1946 - The St. Francois County Daily Journal hit the streets for the first time.

1983 - Ron Weir became publisher of The Daily Journal.  During his tenure color photographs were added to the front page.

2000 - With the advent of computers, many speculated that one day we would evolve into a paperless society. While most people concede that is probably a pipe dream, the Daily Journal launched its first online version, just before the start of the Third Millennium.

Today our website is the most visited site within our region. We currently average well over 1.5 million page views and 130,000 unique visitors per month to our site! That is equal to the population of St. Francois and all of the surrounding counties.

At the Daily Journal we also publish four weekly print publications, the ADvantage, Democrat News, Farmington Press and Weekly Real Estate .

Today the Daily Journal carries the same mission as set forth by Rev. Brumfield in that first edition of the Leadwood Press -- to be the primary source of local, national and international news and advertising information to the residents of Southeast Missouri.