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Recommendations for first-time

Are you taking your first steps into the
world of tent camping? Here are a few
tips that will help you ensure everything
goes smoothly.

Get set up riGht
• Inspect your gear before leaving home
• Arrive at the campsite early so you
have plenty of daylight during which to
get set up
• Choose where you pitch your tent carefully—don’t set up underneath a
single tree, for example, as it can act as
a natural lightening rod; at the same
time, remember to choose a spot that
has lots of shade in the morning
• Remove any rocks and branches from the area before
pitching your tent
• Put a waterproof tarp underneath your tent for a little
extra protection
• Place some rocks on the tent’s stakes if the ground is
• Pack an extra waterproof tarp—they’re always helpful on rainy days


(573) 358-2805


Canoes • Kayaks • Rafts • Tubes • Jon Boats
8344 Berry Road, Bonne Terre, Missouri


seasonal camper?

Do you dream of leasing a campsite for
the whole summer but are still a tad reluctant to take the plunge? After reading
this, you’ll be convinced!

Avoid unnecessAry problems
• Wear light-colored clothes to avoid attracting mosquitoes
• Remember to pack at least two flashlights and spare
batteries, just in case
• Keep the cooler and other stronger-smelling items
(such as scented soaps) in the car, and don’t leave dirty
laundry or garbage out in the open—the scent is likely
to attract wild animals
• Keep an eye on open flames at all times and be sure
that your cinders are no longer hot before going to bed
or leaving the campsite

By the crystal clear Black River only 7 miles
from Johnson’s Shut-ins, Lesterville, MO

Hwy 21 & Peola Rd
Lesterville, MO

Beautiful private campground
Book Now!
along the Black River & MeKenzie Creek


What’s more, there’s a real communal
spirit that develops in a campground.
With so many organized activities
(bingo, dance nights, softball, bocce,
etc.) and common recreational areas
(tennis courts, swimming pools and
pool tables, for example), everyone in
your family is sure to create lasting
memories and great friendships with


How to organize your cooler
So, you’re going camping for two or three days. Here
are a few smart organization tips to make the most out
of your cooler space.

First, being a seasonal camper allows
you to experience peace and quiet every
day (or at least every weekend, if you’re
still working), whether it’s around a
campfire or beside a lake. You can keep
everything you need well organized at a
single campsite for the entire summer
rather than having the hassle of moving
camp several times during the season.

be A Good neiGhbour
• Don’t take shortcuts across other campers’sites
• Don’t make unnecessary noise after the park’s curfew
• Keep your dog on a leash and pick up any of his or her
droppings when necessary
• Don’t leave any garbage on your campsite when you strike
your tent and head out


Should you become a

June 2019

First, plan all the meals you’ll be making. That way
you’ll only have to bring the food that you need.
About 20 percent of the content of your cooler should
consist of frozen products (cartons of juice, pasta
sauce, etc.). These items will also act as ice blocks,
helping to keep your other items chilled. If you need
another way to keep your items cold, opt for ice packs
rather than real ice. They’re more effective and won’t
get your items wet as they warm up.

other campers.

just might have a little head start!

Campgrounds also offer lots of summer
job opportunities. Applicants whose parents or grandparents are seasonal campers

So, are you ready
to try it out?

tips for keeping
mosquitoes at
bay when you’re

We all love camping. Mosquitoes, not
so much! Do you think that you can’t
have one without the other? Well,
these tips will help you avoid being
attacked by a horde of bloodthirsty
insects so that you can finally enjoy
your time in the great outdoors.
1. Be sure there aren’t any holes or
tears in your tent’s fabric, and
keep it zipped shut at all times.
2. Choose a campsite surrounded by deciduous trees rather than
3. Pitch your tent in an area that has a nice breeze and is far away
from any standing water, electrical posts and toilets.
4. Avoid entering and leaving your tent frequently and don’t leave
its flap unzipped unless it’s really necessary — you should also
take off your shoes and turn off your flashlight before entering
the tent (you can place a tarp near the entrance for your shoes).

5. Light a fire before the sun sets (the smoke will chase away the
6. Arm yourself with a good bug spray or other insect-repellent
7. Wear long shirts and pants in light colours.

you’ll be eating last at the bottom of the container.
Put perishable foods as close as possible to frozen
items, and place ice packs toward the top of the cooler (cold falls while heat rises). Of course, to keep
your items cold for as long as possible, open the cooler only when necessary.

At least one hour before filling the cooler, use ice
packs to get the cooler itself really cold. Pre-cooling
your cooler will help food stay fresher for longer. For
the same reason, only put in items that actually need
to be refrigerated. It’s usually best to avoid dairy products (except hard cheeses) and fresh
At the end of the season,
meats (opt instead for cooked meats).
clean your cooler from
Finally, place your items into the cooler in the order in which they’ll be
eaten. In other words, have what

top to bottom and don’t
close it completely. That
way, you’ll prevent bad
odors from developing.

• Cabin rental • water and eleCtriC sites
• Covered box stalls
• trail riding in the
Mark twain national Forest
• bring your own horse or rent one
• eat at our trails end restaurant
Call For reservations

420 County Road 831, Black, MO
573-269-4600 or 269-4743


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