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Inexpensive ways to boost a home’s curb appeal
impressive, while
a new coat of paint
can make a home feel
warmer and more
Plant flowers. Another
inexpensive way to
make a home more
appealing is to plant
some colorful flowers
around the property.
Line walkways with
flowers native to your
region, as such plants
will last longer than
exotic alternatives that
may not be capable of
adapting to the local
climate. In addition to
lining walkways, hang
window boxes filled
with colorful flowers
or plants outside naked
windows. Doing so can
make windows seem larger and add
some color to your home’s exterior.
Another creative way to make use of
colorful flowers
is to place a few planters at the foot
of your driveway
and painting the numbers of your
address on the planters. This can be
both effortless and inexpensive,
but it can instantly make a home more inviting to
prospective buyers.
Spotlight certain parts of your property. Many
homeowners focus on improving the curb appeal
of their property during the daytime hours, but you
can take steps to make a home more appealing at
night as well. Solar spotlights placed around trees
and other attractive features in your yard can shed
light on those areas of your property you’re most
proud of, even after the sun has gone down. Solar
spotlights won’t add to your energy bill, as they
are powered by the sun, and they can make certain
accents on your property stand out at night.
Improving curb appeal may sound like a significant
undertaking, but there are many ways budgetconscious homeowners can make their home’s
exterior more appealing without going broke.

Maintaining plant life on a property won’t cost
homeowners a lot of money, but such an effort can
add substantial curb appeal to a home.


urb appeal can go a long way toward
making a home more attractive to its
inhabitants as well as prospective buyers
once the house is put on the market. Improving
curb appeal is a goal for many homeowners, and
while many projects aimed at making homes more
aesthetically appealing can be costly, there are ways
for cost-conscious homeowners to improve their
properties without breaking the bank.
Put your green thumb to use. A well-maintained
landscape can dramatically improve a home’s curb
appeal. Pay attention to the plants, shrubs and
trees throughout your property, watering them
during periods of little rainfall and trimming them
when necessary so your lawn does not look like an
overgrown, neglected suburban jungle. Professional
landscaping services can help you maintain your
property, but even if your budget does not allow

for such an expense, you can still make sure your
landscape adds to your home’s appeal by keeping
a watchful eye on the property and addressing any
issues that arise. Maintain your lawn through the
colder months of the year as well, making sure no
one walks on the grass when frost has settled, as
doing so can produce dead spots throughout the
Redo your front door. While their eyes may
initially be drawn to a well-manicured lawn,
prospective buyers will eventually find their way
to the front door. If your door is especially old,
consider replacing it. If your budget does not allow
for such an expense, you can still give your home’s
front entrance an entirely new look by installing
some inexpensive molding around the door before
giving the door a fresh coat of paint. Molding
around the front door can make an entrance more


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