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7 tips for keeping your home
cool without an AC

During the hottest days of summer, it can be difficult to keep
your home at a comfortable temperature. Here are seven tips to
stay cool without an air conditioner.
1. Keep sunlight out. Close your
blinds and curtains during the
day to prevent the sun’s rays
from heating up your home.
2. Circulate the air. Set up a
network of fans to keep the air
in your home moving. You can
also make a DIY air conditioner
by placing a bowl of ice or an
ice pack in front of your fans to
create an icy breeze.
3. Open your windows at night.
Open your windows when the
sun goes down to let the cooler
evening air in.

4. Use a
dehumidifier. Humidity can
make your
uncomfortably warm.
Run a dehumidifier to
the water in
the air.

5. Cook outdoors. Using the
stove or oven will make your
home even hotter. Instead, cook
your meals on the barbecue.

7. Use your exhaust fans. Turn
on your bathroom and kitchen
fans to draw hot and steamy air
out of the house.

6. Use appliances wisely. Wait
until the sun goes down to run
your dishwasher, and hang dry
your clothes in the sun. Being careful about how you use appliances will prevent you from adding more heat into your home.

In addition to keeping your
home cool, you may also want
to wear loose-fitting, light-colored clothes, drink lots of cold
beverages and avoid physical
activity during the hottest parts
of the day.


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