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4 fence design
trends of 2019
A fence does more than provide security and privacy.
It also shows off your personal style and can add the
perfect finishing touch to the overall look of your
home and garden. Here are the top fencing trends of
2019 that you should know about.
1. A modern esthetic
Give your yard a contemporary look by installing a
fence that uses horizontal boards instead of vertical
ones. Keep the design sleek and simple and avoid
incorporating ornate embellishments.
2. dArk colours
Darker colours are becoming increasingly popular for
fences. Consider making yours charcoal grey, midnight blue, chocolate brown or jet black.
3. including plAnts
Embrace nature by planting wild-looking perennials
that will grow along your fence every year. Or, build
small shelves into the fence where you can place potted flowers or herbs.
4. AlternAtive mAteriAls
Wood was once the go-to material for fences. Nowadays, low maintenance vinyl or composite can be just
as attractive and more affordable to boot. Other
fashionable options include stone, brick and metal.

Studio or storage:
tips for building a shed in your backyard

Need a place to store your gardening supplies? Or perhaps you’d like to
create a studio or office that’s separate from the rest of your home? In either case, building a shed in your backyard could be the solution. Here’s
what you should do before you begin.
evAluAte your needs
If you intend to use your shed for storage, start by figuring out how big it
should be. Place all the items you want to store in it on the ground and then

No matter what type of fence you choose, make sure
to talk to your neighbour before you begin building
it. Not only is this a matter of courtesy, but they may
also be willing to share some of the costs.

measure the amount of space they take up. Be sure to add a few extra feet to
give yourself room to move.
Will you need to store large items like a riding lawn mower or snowblower? Then choose a design with double doors. Also, be sure to include a
strong floor and to install shelves and racks to help keep the space tidy.
If you’re planning to use your shed as a home office, studio or playhouse,
there are other considerations to take into account. You’ll probably want
windows to let in natural light and you’ll need insulation
to seal the space off from the elements. An electrician
will be required to safely connect your shed to a power
decide where you’ll put it
How you intend to use your shed should dictate where
you place it. If you’ll use it to store gardening supplies,
place it at the back of your yard close to your garden.
But if you intend to use it every day, make sure the
entrance is easy to access in all seasons.
In all cases, make sure you position your shed on flat
ground and in an area that won’t flood.
get the necessAry permits
Before you start building your shed, check your municipal bylaws. You may need a permit to build one on your
property. Additionally, there may be stipulations regarding where you can place it.

hire A contrActor
It may be tempting to save money on your new
fence by installing it yourself. However, unless
you’re an experienced handyman and already
own the necessary tools, this is a job best left to
the pros.
A fencing contractor has everything needed to
quickly and efficiently build your fence.
They’re also better able to deal with challenges
that may arise during the installation. For instance, rocky or sandy soil may make it hard for
fence posts to stay upright, or there may be


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