100 YEARS AGO - July 10, 1919

A man named McCaughn from Galveston, Texas, has spent the past two weeks
here making an extensive report on the lands of the Lead Belt Land Co., for a firm in
Texas. He was not very communicative but it is understood that the Texas company
is considering the purchase of the property, consisting of nearly 30,000 acres.
Work has been suspended at the plant of the Missouri Box Co. and we understand
that it will not be resumed. Dissatisfaction on the part of some of the owners is assigned as the reason for the suspension.
Leonard Gaines of this place and Miss Emma Louise Kinneman of near Knob Lick,
were married yesterday morning.

75 YEARS AGO - July 6, 1944

Readers of the National Geographic Magazine may remember reading in the current issue an article entitled “Landing Craft For Invasion.” Among the pictures that
illustrate the article is one of the LST-18, one of the navy’s big landing ships. That
ship happens to be the one on which Robert Leslie is a gunner.
Mrs. Almeda Dunn lost all her clothing, all her household goods, a quantity of
money and some bonds in a fire that destroyed her home at Mill Creek about 8
o’clock Saturday night.
Capt. Floyd Minor, son or Mr. and Mrs. Eli Minor, was recently awarded one of the
coveted army honors. The Silver Star was awarded him because he captured an enemy machine gun nest and thus saved his battalion from an ambush.

Start Easy. Stay Positive.



HOURS: Monday-Friday 7:30AM-6PM • Saturday 9AM-1PM

50 YEARS AGO - July 10, 1969

Sgt. Jerry Grindstaff, son of Mr. and Mrs. Truman Grindstaff of Fredericktown, has
honored on July 4 at Fort Leonard Wood, during ceremonies at a Brigrade Parade.
Sgt. Grindstaff was presented with the Sgt. John R. Bamvakais Jr. Memorial Award for
outstanding leadership qualities and accomplishments.
Mr. and Mrs. Obert Yount and Mr. and Mrs. Ora Moyers of Marquand tuned in the
tornado that hit in St. Francois and Washington counties June 22 on their TV Sets.
The two families were able to tune in the storm by using the Weller Method of TVTornado detection.
The Fredericktown Chamber of Commerce will soon purchase another industrial
tract, some 25 to 30 acres, located east of Fredericktown on Highway Z, from the
National Lead Co. The company had offered the acreage at $250 per acre.

25 YEARS AGO - July 7, 1994

Rebecca Lea Daniel, daughter of Jon and Cheryl Daniel, recently graduated Magna
Cum Laude from the University of Missouri with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing. Rebecca has been commissioned as an ensign in the United States Navy Nurse
State and Federal Emergency Management Agencies announced Friday that the
Saline Creek floodway in Fredericktown has received approval for a floodway buyout
project. The State Emergency Management Agency has earmarked $289,000 for residential buyouts.
Three Madison County juveniles face multiple charges in an incident involving a
stolen vehicle and several gunshots into a home, early Wednesday, June 27.


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