Organic - A Way of Life
Owner Earth Mother Health Foods
I grew up north of Bloomsdale in the
Southern part of Jefferson County, near
the small village called Danby. We lived
on a farm in a two-story farmhouse with
my parents, Ed and Muriel Magre Johnson, and grandparents, Enoch and Molly
Johnson. I attended the same one room
school that my father and paternal grandmother attended in their school days.
One of our required subjects for farm
community children was “agriculture”. It
was while attending this school and listening to the upperclassmen I learned the
word “organic”. I first thought the word
sounded weird but soon learned that it
was our family’s way of gardening and
farming. We just didn’t call it

that, it was our way of life.
Organic farming was a tradition handed down from
one generation to the next
from the beginning of time,
which I feel is following Gods
plan. It didn’t have to have a special
name because there was only one way.
Organic to me means staying in sync with
nature and raising your animals and crops
free from chemical/synthetic fertilizer,
pesticides, drugs, hormones and antibiotics.
We had two gardens. One was close to the
house and the other was across the field
along with our grape vineyard, we called it
the “truck patch”. I grew up eating all this
wonderful food. We also had milk cows,
chickens, eggs, pork and beef.
I never knew the difference in taste between organic food versus mass produced
food until I married. My husband and I
had moved into town and begun buying
all our food. What a difference! I can
tell you this, one of the first things we
purchased was a freezer so we could buy
some farm raised meat. This also helped
our decision to move back to the country
as soon as possible, so we could
put in a garden.
All three of our children have also
acquired the same taste and try to
eat only organic. Our oldest son
broke his leg by getting it caught
on the merry-go-round at school
when he was in the first grade.
It had broken both bones in the
growth center of the leg and he
had to be hospitalized for several
days as they gently used traction
to put the bones back into place
while hoping not to disturb the
growth of the leg. The orthopedic doctor told us that he would
be in a cast for several months.
The leg was completely healed
in five weeks and the cast was
taken off. Our family doctor at
the time, became so fascinated
with this child’s rapid recovery,
he visited us at our home to
see this organic garden. He

told me then, that he really believed the
diet we kept our children on, was why
they were seldom sick and was the reason
Eddie had healed so fast. We converted
the doctor; he began eating organic foods
and buying organic meats from nearby
farmers. As one of my children says, ‘You
know even if this food wasn’t better for
you, it just tastes better.’
The pictures below are of my son, Ed Visnovske who is a Federal Rescue and Law
Enforcement Ranger at Glacier National
Park in Montana. This is the same little boy
who had the broken leg so badly when he
was six years old. The one who inspired
our Doctor to start eating Organic food.
Eddie can rescue someone climbing to the
top of the Montana Mountains using that
once severely broken leg in the growth
center. Thanks to our Lord and the
good organic food he put on this Earth.
There is a picture of our granddaughter
Abby, keeping with our family tradition,

in their organic garden with the Montana
mountains in the background. Eddie with
a batch of homemade organic cherry ice
cream. A treat Bill and I made for the kids
almost every weekend in the summer. I am
sure it would make Bill proud as it does me.
It makes me happy to see my family keeping our family tradition, that Organic is a
way of life, the healthy way!

Earth Mother is one of the oldest and largest health food
stores in Southeast Missouri! We have over 4,000 square feet of organic
foods, vitamins, supplements, books, etc. to fit your health care needs!

CheCk out the multiple lines of health Care produCts
we Carry for your everyday needs:
• Vitamins & Supplements • Spices & Herbs
• Books & Pure Essential Oils
• Groceries (organic, bulk, etc.)
• Pet Supplies • Cleaning Products
• Health & Beauty Supplies • Gluten & Sugar Free

220 E. Harrison Street,



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