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Easter Facts
Easter this year is April 21. It is celebrated
the first Sunday after the first full moon after
the first day of spring.

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Easter is thought to have developed from an
Old English word Eastrun (sometimes Eastre
or Eostre). It may be derived from the name of
an Old English goddess.
In Latin and Greek, Easter is called Pascha.
Some Christian traditions have dropped the
observation of Lent and the days of Holy Week
as pagan or too close to the Catholic religion,
or they interpret the scriptures differently.
Eggs are an ancient symbol of life and
rebirth and, in Christian traditions, became
closely associated with Jesus’ death and resurrection.
In 1885, the tsar of Russia commissioned
the jeweler Fabrege to design an elaborate
enamled egg every Easter.
According to CNN, U.S. consumers will
spend $18.2 billion on candy, clothing, decora-

tions and more this Easter.
In Orthodox and Eastern Catholic churches,
Easter eggs are dyed red to represent the blood
of Christ. Cracking open the egg on Easter
represents opening Jesus’ empty tomb.
Egg tapping, egg jarping, egg dumping or
pocking eggs are all names for tapping boiled
Easter eggs together. The winner is the holder
of the last uncracked egg.
In 1873, J.S. Fry & Sons introduced the first
chocolate egg in Britain.
In Australia, Easter takes place in autumn
and is associated with the harvest rather than
with the coming of spring.
The Easter bunny originated among
German Lutherans and, similar to Santa Claus,
brings toys and candy to children. It was first
mentioned in literature in 1682.


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