One of the best ways to ensure your children have a productive school year is to
make certain they’re in good health. Here
are four types of health care professionals your kids should see
before the school year begins.


It’s important to consult an audiologist to
make sure your children’s hearing is in
good shape. Undiagnosed hearing impairments make it difficult to follow in class
and may be mistaken for ADHD. In particular, kids who frequently get ear infections
are susceptible to hearing loss.


Regardless of whether or not they display
signs of vision loss, your children should

health care professionals

kids should see before school starts

regularly visit an optometrist. Kids who
have trouble seeing often don’t say anything. Some even manage to compensate
well enough that pediatricians and parents
don’t notice anything is wrong. However,
these strategies typically don’t work well in
the classroom and vision impairments can
significantly impact academic performance.

General practitioner

It’s a good idea for children to get a thorough checkup before classes begin. You
should also make sure their vaccinations
are up to date. Kids come in contact with a
host of pathogens while at school and vaccines remain the most effective method of

The American Dental
Association recom-

mends that children regularly visit their
dentist (one to two times a year) for a checkup and cleaning. This is the
best way to foster healthy tooth development and
to ensure optimal
health. Scheduling checkups during
the summer
kids don’t miss
more school
than is necessary to visit the

Booking appointments with these
health care professionals will ensure
your child can focus on their education and get the most out of
the school year.


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