the true
meaning of



unnies and baskets, chocolates
and candies.

filled the prophesies that he would give his
own life for his people so they could enjoy
eternal life after their own mortal bodies perIt’s that time of year when parents scramble
ished. Easter, from Jesus’ very own words,
to ensure their children wake up to a trove of
a new covenant for the faithful.
treats, and families decide on who is serving
According to scripture, Jesus was enjoying
the lamb dinner this year.
Passover dinner when he sat down with his
These are some of the familiar Easter traditions, but much more is involved with the holi- disciples. Understanding that this would be his
day than egg hunts and brightly adorned bon- last earthly meal and that someone close to
him would betray him, he took bread and gave
nets. For the religious, it can be important to
delve into the true meanings behind Easter and thanks to God for it. He broke the bread and
said it was his body that should be given up so
let those discoveries help shape celebrations.
Easter, above all, is a religious commemora- sins would be forgiven. He did a similar gestion of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is the ture with wine, indicating that it was his blood
culmination of the holy period known as Lent, that should be shed as a sacrifice for all. Christ
instructed the disciples to do the same ritual in
and it the most significant date on the
future in memory of him.
Christian liturgical calendar.
Jesus was subsequently betrayed and turned
Jesus Christ was the Son of God, who fulover to the authorities. He was sentenced to

crucifixion and perished on the cross. His
body was cleansed and placed in a tomb sealed
by a stone. His followers were unaware of the
miracle that would ensue in the days to come.
On Easter Sunday, the tomb was discovered
open and empty. Jesus had risen from the
dead, providing irrefutable proof that he was
the Son of God. In turn, Jesus fulfilled all he
was born to do and preached.
Easter did not always symbolize Christ’s resurrection when it was first celebrated. It was
once a pagan ritual of renewal and birth.
However, when early missionaries began
spreading Christianity’s message, the holiday –
falling around the time of Christ’s actual resurrection – was adopted to commemorate the
religious miracle. Today it stands as a testament to ultimate sacrifice and the promise of
eternal life for all who believe in him.


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