JUNE 16, 2019

Plan a
special day
for Dad!
Are you looking to celebrate
Father’s Day by planning
an unforgettable outing this
year? Great idea! Thankfully, you won’t need to
think too hard to find ways
to bring a smile to dear ole’
Dad’s face. All you need to
do is choose an activity that the two of you will enjoy doing together.
If your dad is a sports enthusiast who loves the great outdoors, a hike in
the woods, a canoe
excursion or a fishing trip will surely make his day. You could take advantage of the beautiful weather to go for a bike ride, have fun at an amusement park or play a friendly game of golf, soccer, volleyball — whatever
his sport of choice!
Perhaps your dad is more the type to appreciate a delicious meal and a
good bottle of wine? In that case, share a tasty dinner at a restaurant he’s
always been meaning to try and watch him beam with delight. And if you
prefer to think outside the box, a tasting workshop (chocolate, cheese,
beer) or cooking class is a surefire way to create cherished memories that
will last you both a lifetime.
Alternatively, if your dad loves cultural experiences, a visit to the local
museum or art gallery is the perfect way to share a special day that’s both
inspiring and entertaining. Does your father absolutely love a good flick
or an upbeat tune? Catch an afternoon showing at the movie theatre or
attend a concert in his company to mark this most special of occasions.


The Benefits of Dad

he first Father’s Day in the United States was
celebrated on June 19, 1910. However, it wasn’t
until 1972 when President Richard Nixon signed the
nationwide holiday to celebrate dads into law. This was
58 years after Mother’s Day was made official by
Woodrow Wilson.
This year, the occasion is on June 16. Show the fathers in your life how
important they are during this special time. For the dads, pat yourself on the
back and check out these amazing benefits your children gain from having
you in their life.


In a recent study by the Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology, parents were analyzed while reading wordless stories to their children. The data
scrutinized an adult’s mean length of utterance, which references the average
length of the sentences a child uses. Results discovered that fathers had an
impact on their kids’ development that went “above and beyond” mothers.
This study is meant to
highlight the contribution
of dads and their children’s
early academic development.


When fathers roughhouse during playtime,
children learn to evaluate
risk, problem solve and
manage excitement and

BENEFITS Continued
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