Celebrating Jewish

assover means “passage.” And for
those who observe the Jewish
religion, this “passage”
commemorates the liberation of the
Jewish people from slavery under
the Pharaoh. Moses offered the
Jewish people divine protection and
it was under him that they fled
Egypt to enter into the glory of God.

Each year, Jews celebrate their freedom as
individuals and as a people during Passover,
which takes place from Sundown April 19 to
the evening of April 27, 2019.
While Judaism has been around for about
4,000 years, Christianity has its
roots in the Exodus. Christians celebrate the resurrection of Christ,
and Jews relate and re-enact the

exit of Hebrews from Egypt
and their passage from slavery to freedom.
Through stories and
songs, Jews feel as though
they themselves have just
left Egypt. Passover is a
Jewish celebration that
offers an excellent opportunity to reflect on one’s own
existence. The seder, an
elaborate meal that customarily takes place on the first
night of the holiday, is at the center of
Passover celebrations.
According to, ‘seder’
means ‘order’ and refers to the 15 separate
steps that are taken in traditional order as
expressed in the book ‘Haggaddah.’ Blessing,
washing, eating a vegetable, breaking of matzot, storytelling, and many other components

comprise the seder. Other
traditional symbols are featured on the seder plates
and tables, each of which
have specific ties to the
Exodus and history of
Jewish slavery. Passover is
one of the most commonly
observed Jewish holidays
and a time to reflect on
one’s blessings.
Reliving the night of the
Exodus to understand its
meaning, Jews have a meal and raise their wine
glass. The matzot symbolizes the misery that
their people suffered in Egypt. The wine symbolize the sweetness of freedom. During this
celebration of contrasts, one says,
“Whoever is hungry shall come
and eat. Whoever is in need, shall
come and do the Passover.”


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