Tips for Living Greener

he creator of the
Zero Waste Home
says she and her family
produce a pint of trash
each year. For most of
us, that’s a drastic and
overwhelming lifestyle
change to consider, but
all of us can embrace
some of these habits to
live greener every day.

Some of these are ideas you’ve
already considered, including the
three Rs and composting, but there
may be ways you haven’t thought
of yet. Think about which of her
ideas you can implement in your
home this week.
In the kitchen and laundry
Use cloth rags instead of paper
towels, containers instead of sandwich bags and aluminum foil and
avoid plastic dishes altogether.
Rags can be old T-shirts and other
clothes that are too worn to wear
Buy in bulk and freeze meat,
produce and even flour until
you’re ready to use it. Also look for
dish soap, laundry and dishwasher
detergent in bulk.
Drink tap water or buy a water
filter. Bottled water requires significant resources to create, filter and
move and take up tons of space in
Get a pressure cooker, which can
cut cooking time in half and

reduce the amount of energy needed to make dinner. When you’re
bored of leftovers, find a way to
use them in a different dish instead
of throwing them away.
Hang clothes quickly after they
finish drying to reduce the amount
of ironing needed. A side bonus:
no one really likes to iron, so this
saves you from one of the least
pleasant chores.

In the bathroom:
Use 100 percent recycled,
unbleached toilet paper that is
wrapped in paper instead of plastic.
Buy shampoo, conditioner and
body wash in bulk and refill containers.
Use baking soda and vinegar
instead of harsh chemicals to scrub

the bathtub, sink and toilet.
In the living areas:
Instead of air fresheners, get a
plant and open a window (if the
weather outside is nice).
Use cloth napkins, both for
meals and parties.
Use rechargeable batteries in
your TV remote, use a whiteboard
to write notes to family members

instead of paper, sweep instead of
vacuuming whenever possible.
Use a power strip on your office
equipment; refill your printer cartridges instead of buying new;
avoid printing whenever possible;
and when you need to print, print
double-sided copies.


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