National Ice Cream Day Is July 21

Innovative ways to
indulge in ice cream


ce cream is a popular dessert that’s enjoyed across the globe. Blending the cold
and the creamy, ice cream is an ideal treat on a hot day. According to IceCream.
com, 87 percent of Americans have ice cream in their freezer at any given time.
While Americans may enjoy their ice cream, New Zealand consumes more ice
cream than any country in the world.

Historians and foodies believe
Ancient Greeks enjoyed a dessert similar to ice cream as early
as the 5th century B.C.
Considering ice cream has been
around so long, and that many
cultures have created their own
take on frozen treats, from gelato to sorbet to frozen yogurts,
one may think there aren’t many
new ways to indulge in this
beloved dessert. But with a little
creativity, anyone can come up
with innovative ways to serve ice
cream or any of its frozen cousins. The following are just a few
different recipe inspirations.



Ice cream and frozen
Whip up your own ice
waffles make a quick
cream cake. Place a
dessert in a pinch.
thin layer of any flaRaid the freezer for
Create your own ice
vor cake on the botthe ingredients, toast
cream sandwiches
tom of a dish or pan
the waffles and then
from any firm cookthat can be placed into
sandwich with ice cream.
ies or dessert bars
the freezer. Scoop softyou have on hand. For Top with fresh fruit and whipped
ened ice cream on top,
cream, if desired.
example, cut two thin
then continue to layer as
slices of fudge brownies.
desired, finishing with ice cream
Spoon your favorSpread softened ice
as the final layer. Let freeze sevite cookie dough
cream in a complementary flaeral hours until firmed up, then
into a muffin tin
vor, such as peanut butter or
enjoy. Ice cream can be enjoyed
and mold the dough in cones, cups, a la mode or as
black cherry vanilla, in between
so it lines the individ- part of soda floats. There is realthe brownie sandwich pieces.
ual cups of the tin.
Freeze to firm everything up and
ly no limit to what can be creatBake until firm and let
make it easier to eat.
ed with this popular dessert
cool. Use the
Lightly butter flour
Fried ice cream pairs cookie cups to
tortillas and sprinkle
the seemingly incom- make little ice
them with cinnacream sunpatible frozen desmon and sugar. Drape
dae holders
sert with heat.
the tortillas over the
for parties.
Freeze scoops of ice
rungs of the shelves in
cream until they are
an oven, placing a cookie
solid, dip them in an egg diminusheet undertive size
wash and coat with
neath to catch
crushed cookie crumbs. You makes
any drips.
can then refreeze the finBake at 300 F
ished ice cream balls and
until just crisp.
have them set to fry in time
Fill with your
for dessert.
favorite ice


cream for some frozen dessert





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