RV Trends for 2019

vehicles are an excellent way to travel in comfort and style for those
who don’t truly wish to rough it.

RVs come in many shapes and
styles, and each year brings new
trends and innovations in the
industry to meet customer
expectations. The RV Family
Travel Atlas identified four new
trends for 2019 influencing the
RV industry.

ty. A range of new models are
now coming onto the market
that are under 30 feet long, but
still offer many amenities of a
larger RV.

Not all RVs are designed to be
driven. In fact, many find the
same experience in a trailer-style
RV at a cheaper price. But just
because you don’t have to drive
the RV itself doesn’t mean there
So you’ve decided on a new
aren’t maintenance issues.
RV, but you’ll need to tow it.
Among these are the rigs themBigger is not always necessarily According to RVFTA, figuring
selves. In years past, RVFTA
better. Some find larger RVs and out the right kind of vehicle to
cites a flood of RVs aimed at
haul your RV can be confusing
trailers intimidating to drive or
budget-priced consumers but
and take much of the fun out of
tow and the upkeep can be
which also come with budgetthe experience. Thankfully,
expensive, not to mention the
priced craftsmanship. In
communication between truck
price of purchase. Like the tiny
essence, you get what you pay
homes movement and the small- manufacturers and RV makers
for — and a cheaper rig will likehave increased to make the
er camping trailers of decades
ly mean more costs down the
past, RV makers are responding hitch-tow capacity equation eas- road. If you’re in the market,
ier on buyers. In the meantime,
to travelers who desire somemake sure you invest in a quality
offers a helpful video on
thing smaller and simpler,
rig. It may cost more up front,
emphasizing quality over quanti- their website to assist at rvfta.
but you’ll be thankful later on.

For years, the RV industry has
been dominated by wood and tin
models. Fiberglass always
offered a budget alternative, but
found only niche markets. That’s
changing. Upscale RV makers
such as Airstream are marketing
fiberglass trailers such as its
Nest, which has been met with
consumer praise. Because manufacturers are investing in a quality RV built from fiberglass, buyers have responded to a quality
fiberglass RV that lands between
the budget models and the higher-priced models made of traditional materials.


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