Endangered species around the world
tinct each day.

cially vulnerable to global warming.
A recent study predicts that if current climate trends continue, 40
percent of all lizard populations will
be extinct by 2080.

• According to a recent study, insect
populations have decreased by more
than 75 percent worldwide over the
last 28 years. Note that 80 percent of
wild plants rely on insects for polli- •Primates — our closest animal relanation, and 60 percent of bird spe- tives — are under threat. Around 60
percent of the world’s 504 primate
cies depend on insects for food.
species may soon become extinct,
Wildlife species and populations • About 40 percent of the world’s bird and around 75 percent have decliacross the globe are declining at an species are in decline, and one in ning populations.
alarming rate. Here are the facts:
eight are threatened with ex• Over the last 40 years, habitat destruction, overexploitation and climate change have resulted in the
loss of half the world’s wild animal
• Scientists estimate that we’re losing
species at 1,000 to 10,000 times the
normal rate. Instead of one to five
species going extinct each year, tinction.
dozens of species are becoming ex- • Lizard populations are espe-


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