Five tips to get you moving
(even if you don’t have the time)
If you think you don’t have time to work out,
think again! The truth is, being active doesn’t
require hours to spare. Get moving — without running out of time — with these practical pointers.
1. Split up your sessions. If you don’t have
time for the recommended half-hour of
exercise each day, do two fifteen-minute
sessions or three ten-minute sessions. It’ll be
just as good for you, and much easier to work
into your busy schedule.
2. Walk. Try to walk to your destination whenever you can. If you can’t make it all the way
on foot, get off the bus or the subway a few
stops early. At work, fit more steps into your
day by going to see your colleagues instead
of calling them, heading outside during your
breaks and parking at the far end of the lot.
3. Avoid elevators and escalators. Taking the
stairs isn’t that much more time-consuming
than waiting for the elevator. It’s also faster
than standing on the escalator, and it’s great
for your cardio!

4. Replace your office chair with an exercise
ball. Tone your muscles while you work! You
can do the same at home while you watch TV,
5. Try express training. From jumping rope
to hula hooping, there are plenty of exercises
you can do in just a few minutes.
Consider this: driving twenty minutes back
and forth to the gym or the pool is a waste
when you’re short on time. Exercise at home,
at work or anywhere in between.

Breathing for stress relief
Are you looking for a fast, effective way to
relax? If you’re feeling stressed out, breathing
exercises could be just what you need. They’re
simple, can be done anywhere, and are beneficial for everything from sleeping to digestion.
Pay attention to how you’re breathing right
now. Most people take shallow breaths, lifting
their shoulders as they inhale. If this is what
you’re doing, you should know that the proper
technique, known as abdominal breathing, is
to expand your belly as you breathe in. Doing
so makes you breathe deeper, which helps to
reduce tension. Feel the benefits right away by

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doing the following:
• Lie on your back. You can also be standing
or sitting, as long as your back is straight to
allow proper air circulation.
• Place one hand on your chest and another on
your belly, below your navel.
• Inhale deeply through your nose, expanding
your belly. The hand on your chest should
barely move while the one on your abdomen
should rise.
• Exhale slowly through your mouth.
During the exercise, pay attention to the air’s
trajectory and your body’s movements (nostril
flaring, chest expansion, etc.). Simply focusing
on your breathing will have a calming effect. If
you have a hard time with the technique, practice until it becomes natural.
When you start to feel anxious or tense, take
a few abdominal breaths as follows: inhale
while counting to four, hold your breath for
another four, and then exhale fully while counting to 8, making an O shape with your mouth
as if you were blowing out a candle. Don’t you
feel better already?

Deep, deliberate breathing
promotes relaxation.


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