Details for PUZZLE



Answers will appear in next week’s
issue or check out answers on

1. Often romantic
5. Lunar term
10. California mountain
12. Spiral staircase
14. ‘Heat’ director
16. Tellurium
18. Gateway (Arabic)
19. No (Scottish)
20. Greek prophetess
22. A team’s best pitcher
23. Bard’s way of saying
25. Indigenous group of
the Philippines
26. Danish krone
27. Type of squad
28. Possesses
30. Part of the face
31. Very small amount of
time (abbr.)
33. Churches have lots
of them
35. Modern day ‘letter’
37. Della __, singer
38. Informed upon
40. Type of house
41. Folk singer DiFranco
42. A baglike structure in
a plant or animal
44. Car mechanics group
45. Belonging to us
48. Pack neatly
50. Forming the bottom
52. How fast you’re
53. Sea eagles
55. Cool!
56. Military mailbox
57. Type of lawyer
58. Type of monk
63. Respect due to an
65. Took to the sea
66. Members of a
Semitic people
67. A way to march

1. Political action committee
2. __kosh, near Lake
3. When you hope to
get there
4. Woman who followed
5. Cause to become
6. Green veggie
7. Stiff bristles
8. Pass in Alps
9. Atomic #81
10. A sharp blow
11. Bears engage in it
13. Prevents progress
15. Young boy
17. A way to go on
18. Not good
21. A ballet enthusiast
23. Ad __
24. Bar bill
27. A genus of badgers
29. ‘No __!’
32. Get off your feet
34. Franklin was one
35. Removed
36. Used to catch
39. Hit lightly
40. Crony
43. Stroke
44. One who obtains
pleasure by inflicting
pain on others
46. __ the ante
47. Greek letter
49. ‘Wings’ actor Steven
51. Unhappy
54. Hair-like structure
59. Pick up
60. Type of transportation
61. Worn with a suit
62. Something similar to
another already referred
64. Farm state


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