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the ideal home
gaming set-up


majority of modern
households are not home to at least one
gamer. The Entertainment Software Association, in
a survey of 4,000 American households, discovered
that 64 percent of households own a device they
use to play video games, with an average of two
gamers in each game-playing home. Gaming is so
popular that The NPD Group says total consumer
spending on the video game industry in 2017
equaled $36 billion.
Avid gamers understand that having a dedicated
and well-equipped setup can really improve the
gaming experience. Here are some items worth
considering for the ultimate gaming area.

Large-sized screen: A dedicated television screen
will be needed for console gaming. Something
at least 60 inches with Ultra High Definition
and 4K capabilities is ideal. The high resolution

enables crystal clear graphics and vividness. Most
televisions now come with several HDMI ports,
enabling people to easily connect gaming consoles
and other peripherals to them.
Gaming headphones: The right headphones
enable clear surround sound and include a
retractable directional microphone to participate
in social, multiplayer games. Wireless headphones
are essential so that wires will not impede the
The right keyboard: PC gamers largely rely on
keyboards and a mouse to control the action. A
keyboard with backlighting and textured rubber
feet to keep the keyboard securely planted will
enable gamers to play in a darkened room.
Ergonomic chair: Gaming chairs come in different
varieties. Some are like office chairs that can serve
double duty at a desk, whether one is working on
a school project or blasting through a first-person
shooter’s tactical field. Other gaming chairs run
the gamut of wired rockers that build sound and

motion within, and top it off with comfortable
arm rests. Above all, gamers should seek chairs
with ergonomic features for comfort and to avoid
fatigue during
long hours of play.
Speakers or soundbar: If a gaming room is
doubling as a home theater, investing in a quality
set of speakers or a soundbar can make sensory
immersion even more intense. Soundbars or
surround sound speaker systems will give ears a
rest from headphones. Soundbars are a compact
and often wireless way to improve television sound
and are usually less expensive and easier to install
than surround sound systems.
Console: Gamers must decide if they prefer a
PC-based system or freestanding consoles such as
those sold by Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft.
Gaming is as popular as ever, and a well-curated
gaming setup can enhance the action.

Learn the lingo:

Gamers’ Guide


any popular activities have their own unique
vocabulary, and gaming is no exception. Familiarizing
oneself with the common terminology of game play
can further enhance the experience.
Abandonware: Games that are no longer
being sold and may be deemed suitable for free

feature scenes that convey storyline elements.

AoE: Area of effect; this describes effects that
impact multiple targets in role-playing games.

ESRB: The Entertainment Software Rating Board,
which oversees the rating guide on popular North
American video game offerings. Ratings range
from E-Everyone to AO-Adults Only.

Alpha/Beta release: The incomplete versions of
games to test the product’s main functionality and
remove bugs.

Farming: When players repeat a game mode
or quest in order to get experience points or ingame currency.

Avatar: The visual representation of a player’s
character. This can be anything from a warlord to a
mythical creature.

FPS: A First-Person Shooter game where the
action is guided from the main character’s
vantage point.

Boss: Especially popular in fighting games, this is a
large and tough character that has to be conquered
— typically during the final chapters of game play.

Hearts: A term for the character’s life points or
health level.

Camera: The player’s vantage point in the game. It
can be from a first-person perspective or a thirdparty vantage point.
Cheats: These are special codes that enable players
to bypass the normal timeline and limitations of
the game. Cheats may enable players to gain extra
lives or advance several levels.
Cut-scenes: Short intermissions in play that

Lag: A technical problem in which the game
doesn’t react correctly to a player’s input,
creating a pause between what the player presses
and what happens on the screen.
Gank: Surprising an enemy by flanking them in
MMO games.
Griefer: A player who purposefully provokes
other players to ruin their fun.

MMO: Massively Multiplayer Online game
intended for a large player base.
NPC: A non-player character, which is
integrated into the game, but doesn’t take part in
the action.
Open world: A game that allows players to
explore vast locations freely.
RPG: In a Role-Playing Game, participants
become the character and live out their
Skin: An aesthetic change to an item or player
that functions to make the character look

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