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FESTUS SENIOR EXPO Wednesday, March 22 | 8 a.m. - Noon Sacred Heart Parish Annex Building, Crystal City Free Admission SPORTS Holland next to pass 1,000 points 15A INSIDE 2023 g Fair 1B-16B Leader Weddin 2023 West Side Entertainment is Your presence at the requested 29th Annual Fair Wedding Leader Noon to 4 p.m. from On 5 February Sunday, Christi Center at Corpus Catholic Church Rd. St. Joseph's Antonia 6020 Old MO 63052 Imperial, ‘Once a Vol. 10, No. 2, Thursday, February 38 weakly’ week but never 2023 lter Gimme She SPORTS Holland next to pass www.myleaderpa 1,000 points 15A Bingo Giveaways Appointed INSIDE 2023 Arnold-Imper ial g to more fundin County needs homelessness better tackle 636-931-7560 g Fair 1B-16B Leader Weddin d to Dougherty elevate r anothe circuit judge, vacancy opens 2023 is Your presence at the requested By Steve Taylor For the Leader Fawver By Barbara For the Leader 29th Annual Fair Wedding Leader to 4 p.m. from Noon On 5 February Center Christi Church Sunday, at Corpus Catholic Rd. St. Joseph's Antonia 6020 Old MO 63052 Imperial, - 636-931-7560 was drug use and but never weakly’ who battled nothing short Festus native cycle was ‘Once a week a 35-year-old www.myleaderpa another one has opened up. the homeless Hannah Schweigert, half, said breaking and as a result, 2, 2023 threatened a year and a a boyfriend , February Shannon homeless for at age 22 after Thursday ic stress he had appointed spiral began post-traumat of divine intervention. Jan. 27 that18A 23 downward28, No. began experiencing Vol.and she She said her since Dec. 31, she left him anxiety. been empty had 1-2 retired. to kill her if overwhelming fear and relationship with heavy alcohol ship thatFeb. Troy Cardona delivery: abusive DoughRequested when longtime jurist disorder from and cross country track1B-16B away from this been angavid departure made circuit Fair “I tried to get Cardona’s had University. whoWeddin MKT been the associate Schweigert, Leader PRSRT red Missouri Baptist Eureka erty, who has PAID the longest-tenu POSTAGE for Div. 15, U.S. judge from my famwas stealing Festus, MO years later, I pain pills. Five to help me.” 111 2023 addicted to Permit No. her family, Schweigert tried and tried ily, who had job and having cut ties with elected in 2006.50, 12A By Steve Taylor Without a Dougherty, Page Postal NESS, cho- For the Leader See HOMELESS Fawver of Dittmer was Customer was By Barbara drug use and For the Leader native who battledwas nothing short on cants, a spokesper- 560 It focuses35-year-old Festus cycle photo county. opened up. Parson’s a Rigdon the as homeless in for Ron s the son 636-931-7 Schweigert, another one has the county, Hannah shelter in and a half, said breaking about homelessnes and as a result, a faith-based threatened a homeless forso a year program, the organizations Fair 1B-16B leaderpa the need for forhomeless g Shannon Challenge can 22 after a boyfriend that shelter, The day after appointed stress Hannah Schweigert icTeen Weddin Adult & intervention. are unhoused spiral began at age t Jan.Leader of the well as funding of 27 that he had divinewho with addictions, a resident post-traumat For those2, 2023 2023 help people said downward Once her appointmen experiencing herneed. helping people she that work to the services She they focused on coordinator. andofshe began since Dec. 31, a list , February service left him Dougherty said 21A vocations she Dougherty anxiety.the program’s been empty her ifprograms, better provide toThursday retired. 2023 Shannon that had killthose talked ship g fear and is with heavy alcohol g tournaments now is included. hadn’t yet like to support thefrom overwhelmin jurist Troy CardonaDoughhomeless abusive relationshipand crosswrestlin s o n when longtimeStacey help County thatdisorder Vol. 7, No. 11who’d hosts country i t h J e ff e r away from this been an Soto Brenda departure made circuit avid track organizations Jefferson wCounty “I tried to get look Presiding JudgeCardona’s who had De Baptist University. docket mightbeen the associate and Missouri threats use,” said Schweigert, what her erty, who has 15, the longest-tenured andnew High School to learntaunts included part for Div. athlete at Festus from my famjudge misdepressure that and media was judges handle judges later, I was stealing email Rockwood. “Associate pills. Five years as through and circuit for leaving accept her resignation. said he hear addicted to pain and tried to help me.” her family, Schweigert criminal who had servedt of Cain cases of their reasons meanor judges Curtis tried Counts, nt associate with had 2006. Lisa and about inin dispute is de- cut ties ily, who Superintende Jason Lindsey. by eight be concernstheelected handle felonies, assistant superintenden a job and having an impending amount aDougherty, 50, 12A Rockwood’s propertyforowned Without the past the coun- there may hear school cases where a district incircuit 3-3 vote, understands judges civil NESS, Page of schools s leaving parture thisHOMELESS and was choafter shea wouldhearing administrator However, on situRobertson supervision are Dittmer $25,000, See said the of six in November that By Steven less than than $25,000,” he also year, and they 9 meeting, not order year. are civilperiod, butcases didschool years, announcedcil where it’s more this t two-year easements i of the six highand Tony Krausz the Rockwood. that n end to e h among told the wTaylor were tre- a spokesperowners 636-931-7560 on retire at they is not unique Harris announced a need weakly’ there’s acants, ation Terry likesaid. It focuses two property Dougherty For the Leader By Steve feel anticipate never photo deadlocked it does In December, the county. as but Rigdon she Ididn’t would for Parson’s s in RonShe know she matters betweenexecutive said but “Iand the Leaderis the planning For aofweek to leave in the homelessnes 3 - 3 o nin the county, his resignation as Rockwood’s ofa change, about the way leaderpa School District about ers a t shelter faith-based are not part amount anything and ‘Once that across a homeless The Rockwood mendous program, years. the second change . seeing to are two so the organizations pastfor the need administrator can areThe day after resignation that shelter, proposed & Teen Challenge his 2, that people zoning chief for Grace, said. Hannah Schweigert inprocess. cases. 2023 Adult and of Tullock e e unhoused the ing another top Aisha aswithargue 23, t h rare addictions, Rockwood’s well as funding Jan. 13, to serve,” she t said. “As educators Jan. years o f who that he handles February Onlast three peoplelegislation For those day was different help people Once a ,resident people direcher appointmen to Sancthe Paul Northington, the nation,” “We’re all here d the work Thursday on helpingto thecoordinator. i r e need. something that Animal the district’s r e q uthey he described said she focused say, to you.” with the a list of letter service amendment is important the services looking for the Open Door buteither thatDougherty 24 vocations provide Dougherty No. points programs, education built for Northington “Every ” an of Vol. 29, better tor year. Northington the rezoning touchcase those program’snt Mark front of Paul Miles inform inever the those votes. Springs. yet talked Shannon this school “challenging. is included. Councilman is now the would allow will to support Houseand appearing in years I don’t hadn’t likeCouncil and di-theAt homeless tuarysix at the end of Open Door retire.’ whotoare that earlier meeting, who’d equity in or reaching eligible n thatserved County and help after Former Superintende that 7, House Springs) Stacey J e ff e r s o14A had Jefferson organizations I’m h rerequirement t a i who w Brenda The district. (District had to ‘Look, resigned She exits the districtat a smaller approve Page Y,Presiding Judge hearing 2021. Page 13A Bob Tullock Brittany Hogan, on Jan. 13. public and on Jan. 23 to versity, 13A lot position resigned in DOOR, might look See Page County vacant a limited voted 6-0 take a CFO jobEducation ES, DOUGHERT membersforvoted forrole left her since July new docket a possible and a .96-acre role for one year, asked See OPEN two years, about Grace’s directorinformation learn what herCD See DEPARTUR Board of in the gather zoning request s resigRockwood for Road. -to15 MONTH paid $131,799.84 and Duda accept Northington’ misdeMiles was with Hogan said community was worked the lot to neighboring Kinder the through unaniat Hwy. MM CD SPECIAL like. and was being 6-0 Jan. 19 to and request APY* judges handle judges 2021seemed Yield easement of board voted member Keith Percentage and both he 4.50% “Associate Jan. Annual The school nation. Board the vote.Approval the council’s Without Notice meeting to cases and circuit hear to Change as of 1-3-23. criminal afterdistrict a year. in a Jan. 19 closed Rate Subject “For all your **APY accurate meanorFunds Only unlikely not present for associate judges is mously is the fourth pur- • Personal felonies, and dispute needs.” $25 and$1,000 may be quarterly. handle Minimum Northington or announce bankingTickets the amount in compounded Withdrawal. cost Interest is Earlycases where to either leave judges hear civil Penalty For umni. Taylor circuit forand administrator Steve Substantial bankerBy at years!” chased . the less than $25,000, than $25,000,” contact a personal Leader more refor over 100 it’s Please at 314-645-7700 community Joe Sals-detailsthe cases whereFor Fawver Art Kasey and You! to Serve “Serving our Areaand By Barbara was going in,” saidadditional Greater St. Louisuse NMLS#793218 assistant prin tired principals 16 locations in the class of six Dougherty said. didn’t anticipate a need battled drug and have native who www.lindellb For the Leader By Tony Krausz short she We now a Fox High School School She said she Dan Glore man, Festus visit us at cycle was nothing about the way of Fox High Please opened up. a 35-year-old For the Leader Rossiter. the homeless cipal and member to change anythingas a result, another one has executive board. three Kevin said breaking Hannah Schweigert, said. Fox threatened Alumni Association’s year and a half, A banquet handles cases. and School willainduct to serve,” she Fox High class and something homeless for the Foxage 22 after a boyfriendic stress appointed Shannon“We’re all here the people of.” to honor “ It is a great intervention.hall spiral began at can be proud 27 thattohe had Hall post-traumat is important of divine Schoolexperiencing newly created downward High began High School has had a Sports Hall of “Every case Jan. in front of you.” bers into itsShe said her Dec 31 i duct and she i High appearing who are Appointed lter Gimme She SPORTS d to Dougherty elevate r anothe circuit judge, vacancy opens g to more fundin County needs homelessness better tackle said and use,”2023 High School INSIDE athlete at Festus Sponsored by is presencethe at Your requested 29th Annual Fair Wedding Leader Noon to 4 p.m. 5 On February Center Sunday, Christi Church Catholic Rd. atSt.Corpus Joseph's Old Antonia 63052 from MO 6020 Imperial, s resign uredirect art or More dep ity ’ vote ggin and divers INSIDE SPORTS A tail-wa equity OK Rockwood CFO, me center gets county Open Door welco lter s She meugu GimIna ral clas g to more fundin County needs homelessness better tackle is Your presence at the requested 29th Annual Fair Weddingp.m. Leader to 4 from Noon On 5 February Sunday, Christi Center Church Catholic Rd. at Corpus Joseph's St. Antonia 6020 Old MO 63052 Imperial, Appointed Working together ** * tackle Eureka Police with i s d to Dougherty elevate r anothe circuit judge, vacancy opens 636-937-7501 • 636-931-7560