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100 YEARS AGO - OctOber 9, 1919

Marquand News: Vernon Homan and John Smith left Tuesday for St. Louis to attend
the Veiled Prophet and spent a few days sight-seeing. E.S. Lett returned home Friday
after spending a few days in St. Louis buying goods.
Marriage Licenses: Henry King of DeSoto to Beulah Nelson of Fredericktown;
George Nelson of Fredericktown to Eva Williams of Fredericktown; Chas Lewis of
Sikeston to Alberta Smith of Fredericktown; Dock Crites of Flat River to Iva C Henson
of Fredericktown.
The great auction sale of the fine lots in Cahoon’s addition to the city was held
yesterday and was attended by a large crowd. The estimates of the size of the crowd
vary from three to five thousand.

75 YEARS AGO - OctOber 5, 1944

The family of Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Joseph of Marquand holds something of a record
when it comes to serving Uncle Sam. Five sons and one daughter are in there holding
up the Joseph tradition as patriotic Americans and natural scrappers. Pvt. Andrew
Joseph; Pfc. James O (Archie) Joseph; George Joseph; Dan Joseph, S2/c; John Joseph, S2/c and Irene Joseph.
Contrary to general expectations, the schools this year have a much larger enrollment than last. That condition has developed despite the fact that a number of boys
within school age have gone into the armed services and others, both boys and girls,
have been lured into industry by the prevailing high wages.
Marvin B. Graham, Fireman first class, son of Mr. and Mrs. Marvin L. Graham of
Fredericktown, entered the Navy in October of last year.

Start Easy. Stay Positive.



HOURS: Monday-Friday 7:30AM-6PM • Saturday 9AM-1PM

50 YEARS AGO - OctOber 9, 1969

New officers of Interact Club at Fredericktown High School: Secretary, Dennis Berry;
president, Dennis Henson; vice president, Jim Stevens; retiring president, Dan Nath;
treasurer, Neil Ambrose.
Sp/4 David Rehkop, son of Mr. and Mrs. George Rehkop of St. Louis and formerly of
Fredericktown, left recently for a tour of duty in Viet Nam.
Student Council officers at Fredericktown High School were elected: Sophomore
President, Viki Tate; Council secretary-treasurer, Georgia Braswell; Junior President,
Sally Schnapp; Freshman President, Don Berry; Council President, Steve Pogue; Vice
President, Marcy Tinnin; Senior President, Don Stevens.

25 YEARS AGO - OctOber 6, 1994

The Board of Directors of 3-R Center, Inc. is pleased to introduce new Operations
Manager, Lloyd Paulk.
Winners of the VFW “Americanism” Coloring Contest from Marquand: First Place
Zachary Metcalf; 2nd Natasha Sanders; 3rd Amanda Myers; 4th Tammy Gray; 5th
Oriana Langhoff.
Ashley Peifer, a 1993 Fredericktown High School Graduate, is among 27 candidates
competing for the title of 1994 University of Missouri-Rolla Homecoming Queen.


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