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For men of all ages with urinary incontinence The antidote for adult diaper anxiety. Patient-tested... “Men’s Liberty is terrific. I can keep doing what I want to do, without having to worry about running to the bathroom or changing my clothes. It’s a Godsend.” — John, Men’s Liberty user in Michigan MEN’S LIBERTY Keeps you dry 24/7? YES Can be worn comfortably, cleanly and securely for up to 24 hours Directs urine away from the skin? COVERED Reduces the risk of infections? Try Men’s Liberty™ — the Medicare-covered healthier alternative that helps end embarrassment and fear of an “accident”. No guy ever plans for urinary incontinence. It’s degrading, uncomfortable and inconvenient. Regardless of the cause, chances are you (or a loved one) were told to wear adult diapers to manage the condition. But you soon discovered that the hassles of diapers disrupt everyday life: they’re unsanitary... expensive ... and humiliating. Now diapers don’t have to get in your way. Men’s Liberty is the simple, non-invasive option for male urinary incontinence that helps keep you secure, dry and leak-free for up to 24 hours. Made of a safe, skin-friendly material called hydrocolloid, this patented external collection device easily attaches to the tip of a man’s anatomy. It softly stretches and flexes as you move, directing urine away from the skin. Unlike diapers, Men’s Liberty effectively reduces the risk of skin and urinary tract infections. Best of all, it’s discreet, dependable and dignified. Invisible under clothing? Little to no out-of-pocket cost? YES ADULT DIAPERS NO Must be changed regularly when they fill up or overflow — often every few hours NO Completely external design collects fluid into a discreet pouch — leak-free Traps moisture which stays in contact with skin causing discomfort or infection YES NO More than 5 million High incidence of diaper rash, Men’s Liberty units have been sores, yeast infections used, with ZERO attributable and dermatitis UTIs or serious skin injuries YES NO Men’s Liberty is unnoticeable — only you know it’s there Awkward diapers can be ill-fitting, bulky and uncomfortable YES NO Covered by Medicare, most Adult diapers are not covered Medicaid plans, many private by Medicare, costing users insurance plans, workers up to $300 a month compensation and VA/Tricare Live your life on your own terms — not in diapers! FREE INFORMATION. FREE BONUS OFFER. Find out how to receive Men’s Liberty at little or no cost to you. Plus receive a FREE Bonus week’s supply with your order*. 100% STAY DRY COMMITMENT Call today at no obligation: 1-877-756-5147 Stop spending a fortune on adult diapers. You could continue to shell out as much as $300 a month on diapers. Or you could switch to Men’s Liberty and pay little to no out-of-pocket cost** if you qualify for coverage by Medicare, most Medicaid plans, private insurance, workers compensation and VA/Tricare. This could save you thousands of dollars a year! *30 days supply or more ** Standard co-pays and deductibles apply