Old Miners' Day returns to Viburnum this weekend

Between Sept. 30 and Oct. 2 the Doe Run Company and the Viburnum community will give a nod to the area’s rich mining history at the 30th Annual Old Miners’ Days festival.

Old Miners’ Days draws thousands of people to Viburnum each year to enjoy music, food and family-friendly activities in the world’s second-largest lead mining district. The weekend’s events include the popular free underground tours of a Doe Run mine, the Grande Parade and a “Viburnum’s Got Talent” show and Lip Sync Battle.

The free mine tours are set for Oct. 1 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The company also showcases some of its mining equipment such as haul trucks and loaders at the event, and provides an area where children can see how the equipment works.

David Major, maintenance planner at Doe Run and director of Old Miners’ Days, said that more than 100 Doe Run employees volunteer their time at the event. “Our employees get excited about inviting guests to join us beneath the earth’s surface to see a mine – and to show how mining helps power the world,” Major said.

Ross Conner, vice president of Exploration, Research and Technical Development, will give a State of the Mines address as part of the Opening Ceremony on Oct. 1. He will share updates with the community on Doe Run’s current operations and the future of Missouri mining.

“We are proud to acknowledge the importance of mining and its connection to this community during Old Miners’ Days each year,” said Conner. “The minerals that are mined from the Viburnum Trend form part of the foundation for manufacturing sustainable products, such as lead-acid batteries. These products impact our lives on a daily basis and contribute to environmental sustainability, because lead is the most recycled of any of the base metals. Doe Run continues to explore the Viburnum region, which enhances not only the lifespan of the mining operations, but also the vitality of the surrounding communities.”

October also marks the observance of Manufacturing Day, and gives us a chance to recognize our lead-recycling employees who recycle more than 13.5 million lead-acid batteries each year. This creates secondary lead that can be manufactured into new batteries and other important products.”

Manufacturing Day will be recognized nationally on Oct. 7 to celebrate modern manufacturing and its role in providing valuable products and jobs.

The manufacturing industry plays an important role in the state’s economy. In fact, Missouri was recently named the sixth best state for job growth in advanced manufacturing according to a new report from the Brookings Institution. 

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