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The Desloge Chamber of Commerce is gearing up for a holiday contest called “Finding Frosty” that the civic organization hopes will create a little holiday fun for the community while promoting city businesses and the chamber.

“The goal is to have a little fun, engage our community with our local business owners and bring some awareness to the opportunities by shopping local,” said chamber board member Julie Pratte. “We thought, ‘What better way to achieve this, all while enjoying the Christmas season?’”

According to Pratte, this is how “Finding Frosty” will work when the contest begins Dec. 4:

“Each morning at 9 a.m., excluding weekends, a clue will be revealed on the Desloge Chamber’s website at under the tab ‘Finding Frosty,’” she said. “The same clue will also be found on our Facebook page at

"The public is encouraged to use these clues to find Frosty. Some of the clues are pretty easy, especially if you know any of our local businesses’ slogans, however a couple are a little more tricky to figure out.

“The first person that finds Frosty, will have to ‘like’ — or have ‘liked’ — the chamber’s Facebook page; complete a ‘check in’ at the business where Frosty was found; take a selfie with Frosty at the business where he was found; and then post it to the chamber’s Facebook page. The first one to do this wins the daily prize, which is a gift and $20 in ‘Desloge Dollars.’”

Asked what “Desloge Dollars” are, Pratte explained that they are numbered certificates that can be used at participating businesses listed on the certificate.

“So far, the places that will accept ‘Desloge Dollars’ include The Giving Tree, Barnhouse Janitorial, Beautiful U, Verizon, Greene’s Florist, McDonald's, Imo’s, MAC Bookstore and Vicky Crocker, but we are expecting this list to continue to grow. The daily winner’s name goes in the grand prize drawing that will be given away at the chamber’s annual Jingle Bell Run that’s going to be held Saturday, Dec. 16 at Desloge City Hall.

“Here’s the best part — even if you aren’t the first person to find Frosty each day, but you ‘like’ the chamber’s Facebook page; complete a “check in” at the business where Frosty is located; you take a selfie together with you and Frosty; and you post it to the chamber’s Facebook page, then your name gets entered into the grand prize drawing, as well."

Pratte explained that the chamber's executive director, Loni Ruediger, will be keeping track of the posts on the chamber Facebook page to make sure everyone that participates gets their name in the drawing. Note that only one entry per contestant is allowed each day.

“Our business owners have been very generous and we have some great prizes both during the daily contests and for the grand prize,” Pratte said. “Here are a few tips to give yourself a bit of a head start — go ahead and ‘like’ our Facebook page now so we will pop up on your newsfeed.

"You might also want to bookmark the Desloge chamber website. Also, if you go to our website now, you will see a list of our members and this can help you narrow down the search for Frosty.”

Pratte mentioned that some have asked why the clues are being revealed at 9 a.m. instead of 7 a.m., so people can look for Frosty before heading to work.

“The reason is simple,” she said. "Nearly all of our hidden locations are not open for business until 9 a.m., so even if we posted the clue at 7 a.m., no one would be able to take the required ‘selfie’ with Frosty before that.”

Pratte stressed that the “Finding Frosty” contest is an opportunity for chamber members to bring customers through their doors.

“We are aiming at keeping the shopping local,” she said. That is why the ‘Desloge Dollars’ are being used. By completing ‘check ins’ at our participating locations, it is giving our members a greater social media presence. As a partnered sponsor I am excited to be a part of this, and I hope that it is received well and can become an annual event just like our Jingle Bell Run.”

For more information, or if you are a business interested in participating in the chamber’s “Finding Frosty” campaign, call the chamber office at 573-431-3006.

Kevin Jenkins is a reporter for the Daily Journal and can be reached at 573-518-3614 or



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