Reutzel addresses MCCC

Fredericktown R-I Superintendent Brett Reutzel addresses the Madison County Chamber of Commerce during its monthly luncheon, Aug. 1.

The Madison County Chamber of Commerce invited representatives from Marquand-Zion and Fredericktown School Districts to speak at its monthly luncheon.

This month's meeting was held at the United Methodist Church and was catered by Lalo's Mexican Grill.

Fredericktown R-I Superintendent Brett Reutzel started the lunch off by thanking the chamber for the invite as well as the donation of supplies gathered during the lunch.

"We are excited to get the school year started," Reutzel said. "All the principals and secretaries came back to work today and are getting everything ready to go."

Reutzel said the teachers will come in Aug. 12 for a few days of workshops with open house on Aug. 13 and school starting Aug. 15.

"The calendar is very similar to last year's calendar," Reutzel said. "Hopefully, we will have a shorter year than we did last year," he said.

Reutzel said there are a few staff development days built into the schedule, and he is very excited about the school year. 

"I say this anytime I get the chance, this will be my 19th year in the district, and I cannot imagine working anywhere else," Reutzel said. "It's a privilege. Our students are fabulous." 

Reutzel said he has substitute teachers who say they will come back any time to sub because the students are so well behaved.

"We are very proud of our students and our staff," Reutzel said. 

Marquand-Zion High School Principal Sabrina Dublin said her district is gearing up for the start of school as well.

"We are so excited about starting our middle school, finally," Dublin said. "I am starting my thirteenth year there, and as long as I've been there and as long as I've known, its always been when you go out into the sixth grade you're just put right in with those high school kids."

Dublin said she sat down with the high school counselor and superintendent and began to work out the details.

"We said 'you know we have an opportunity this year, our finances are fantastic, we've got the opportunity and need to get this going,'" Dublin said. "So we crunched numbers and put our heads together and made it happen."

Dublin said the middle school will be for grades 6, 7, and 8 and have its own set of four teachers from now on.

"We've been able to hire new teachers to fill those positions," Dublin said. "We've been able to eliminate rooms and make space, so the only time the students will interact with the high school will be at breakfast and lunch."

Dublin said they are so excited about the middle school and, as a mother, she feels good knowing the students will have a transition period.

"I just want that stability of that middle school for them for two or three years," Dublin said. "We are so excited to be able to start that this year, and other than that everything is going on schedule."

Dublin said the district has also purchased three new buses this year providing students with heat and AC on their rides. 

"Just wonderful things are going on in our little district," Dublin said. "This has been a wonderful community to work with. They are all so supportive. I just want to say thank you to my community."

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Victoria Kemper is a reporter for the Democrat News. She can be reached at 573-783-3366 or at vkemper@democratnewsonline.com


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