The December Membership Meeting was called to order at 18:05 in the Library Meeting Room, Gary Lee presiding. There were 16 members and guests present. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited to open the meeting.  

Membership Report: There were 112 Newsletters mailed in November. Members commented how much they enjoyed the article from Jack Ward Skinner.

All memberships expire in May of each year.**If you wish to continue receiving this newsletter, please check your label to make sure that your $15 annual dues are paid. Our continued work depends on the generosity of our members keeping dues paid and donating towards future projects.

Correspondence: Margaret M. reported that we have received our first monthly publication from our State Historical Society membership.

Treasurer’s Report: Submitted by Kim L.

Balance NOV 1, 2019              $32,029.27

Pulitzer News                              - 21.00

Madison Co. Water                     - 14.48

PO Box Rental                            - 71.00

USPM                                      - 220.00

DN Subscription                         - 42.99

State Hist. Soc. Memb                 - 60.00

New Checks                               - 14.00

Ruth Ann S. Reimb.                    - 58.00

Deposit                                         + 1,240.69.00

Interest                                         + 1.33

Balance DEC 1, 2019          $ 32,829.82

Old Business: Rick Boland reported that he contracted with McMinn printing for our Cemetery books.

Lighting in the museum is still planned for replacement sometime this winter.

New Business: there has been some damaged in the Three Notch Road Park. Two of the bollards that line the driveway have been hit and broken at ground level. The committee has decided to remove the remaining bollards due to poor condition. Replacement has not been determined.

Speaker: Jack Ward Skinner provided a lively and entertaining walk down memory lane to Christmases of the past.

Adjournment: There being no further business, meeting was adjourned to enjoy snacks provided by members attending.

The Historical Society Jail Museum is always accepting and looking for items of local interest such as business advertising items; Fredericktown, Marquand and Marvin College yearbooks; blacksmith, timber, agriculture and other trade related tools and equipment; Native American items; local photographs; local Civil War items; Mining related items, books, etc.  Stop by any Tuesday afternoon!

The next regular meeting will be held January 21, 2019 at 6:00 p.m., Ozark Regional Library.

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