All the Places and People We Love Essay Contest

Hoping to capture the places and people we love the Fair is hosting an essay contest for ages 12 and up. Each contestant should compose an original essay of 700 words or less describing a place or person they love in Madison County. All submissions must be emailed to MadisonFairMO@yahoo.com by Sept. 20 as an attachment. Essays submitted in the body of the email will be disqualified. Be sure to include your full name in the body of the email. To participate, contestants must grant permission to have their essay appear in the Democrat News and on the Fair website. Winners in each category, ages 12-15 and 16 and up will receive ribbons and prizes, along with recognition in the FES tent at the Fair, the Democrat News, and on the Madison County Fair’s website.

Livestock Exhibitors Showcase & Competition

October 5, from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. our fair’s Livestock Exhibitors Showcase & Competition, hosted by Donna Kranjec, and announced by Dave Ward, will take place at the Livestock Arena in Wanda Priest Park. Made possible by all our Livestock Sponsors, this outstanding one-day exhibition of cattle, horses, swine, sheep and goats, provides valuable learning experiences and fun for everyone while building cooperation, responsibility, and showmanship skills. To register, pick up your Madison County Livestock Show entry form books from Madison County Farm Supply, Wards Farm Center, and other local businesses. Donna Kranjec and Dave Ward have been involved with the Fair for many years.

Livestock Exhibitors Breakfast hosted by Madison County Farm Supply For all livestock exhibitors, their families, and livestock sponsors.  

Future Farmers Baby Parade-Sidewalk Wanda Priest Park

Dress your baby as a future farmer and parade down the sidewalk at Wanda Priest Park. Winner will receive a stuffed farm animal.

Fearfully and Wonderfully Created Cattle Gary Winkler Ask the beasts, and let them teach you. We’ll be examining cattle to find out what is unique about each and how they were made to serve man. Be sure to join us for this interesting and informative presentation. Gary Winkler is an engineer with 20 years’ experience and has received multiple patents. For years he has given presentations on animals at the St. Louis Zoo. 

Kiddie Tractor Pull Sponsored and hosted by Matthews and Sons Equipment-North Main Street- Open to ages 3-5 and 6-10. Sign up Saturday morning prior to the event sometime between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m., at the Matthews and Sons Equipment truck where the children’s metal tractors will be sitting on North Main Street. Children will ride metal tractors pulling sleds behind them. Bricks will be added along the race course. Prizes will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners in each age category. Matthews and Sons Equipment has sponsored and hosted this event for quite a few years.

Junior Farmer Sponsored and Hosted by The Farm Bureau-Wanda Priest Park Behind FES Tent

Barn Dance Jim Hemphill & Mariah Fabry-Azalea Park JC Stage/Pavilion Jump off your hay bale and join in some easy, fun barn dances. You'll learn as you go, to old-timey tunes. We'll circle to the left and do-si-do in dances like Jacob's Potato, Patty-Cake Polka, and Cushy Tushy Bump. Just bring your dancin' feet; no experience or partner necessary. All ages are welcome. Nationally-known caller and dance choreographer, Jim Hemphill, first learned to call in order to bring contra dance to Arcadia Valley. He was the headline caller for Meet Me in St. Louis Dance Weekend last Memorial Day. Jim regularly calls squares and contra dances with his original choreography in Urbana, Columbia, Kansas City, Philly, Cape Girardeau, and St. Louis. His unique choreography has been called in Australia, Hawaii, and thru the lower 48. With caller/choreographer Mariah Fabry, as Barn Dance Delivered, they bring barn dances to family reunions, anniversaries, nursing homes and corporate events.


And on His Farm, He Had A…

I simply loved singing Old Macdonald Had a Farm with my children as I dreamed of all the animals we would one day keep on our farm-cattle, sheep, pigs, chickens, geese, turkeys, ducks, bees, dogs, cats and lots of them.Our farming journeybegan with stuffed barnyard animals which I propped up in my children’s crib, wiggled in front of them as I imitated the sounds each made, and then snuggled the soft creatures in their arms.

Even while they were babies, I read all my farm favorite Little Golden Books to them- Old MacDonald Had a Farm; Baby Farm Animals; Springtime Babies; The Jolly Barnyard; The Farm Book; Animals on the Farm; The Little Red Hen; The Fuzzy Duckling; and Bunnies’ ABC. Once the children reached toddlerhood, the real fun began with the Fischer Price Red Barn, Little People, & Farm Animals. From that point on, I purchased everything I could find concerning farming and farm animals-Old Macdonald’s Farm Sticker Activity Book, 1001 Things to Spot on the Farm, My First Creativity Book on the Farm, Animal Counters, Farm Animal Readers, Lace & Trace Farm Animals, Dot-to Dot farm animal puzzle, farm puzzles, plastic farm animals, farm coloring books, wooden farm set, farm Playmobils, The Farming Game and… www.rainbowresource.com/searchspring/?q=FARM

The children and I would play farm on the floor with the red barn, little people, and plastic farm animals. We visited farms, read Little House on the Prairie series, and Charlotte’s Web. We pretended to feed the chickens in our dining room, round up the cattle in the living room, give scraps to the pigs in the kitchen, and put the sheep up for the night in the bedroom. The rubber ducks swam in our pond in the bathroom and the bees flew overhead suspended from the ceiling.

Even now that they are grown, I read books on farming to them: Family Friendly Farming: A Multigenerational Home-Based Business Testament by Joel Salatin; Keeping a Family Cow: The Complete Guide for Home-Scale, Holistic Dairy Producers by Joann S. Grohman; Small Scale Livestock Farming: A Grass Based Approach for Health, Sustainability and Profit by Carol Ekarius; Raising Small Livestock by Jerome Belanger; Salad Bar Beef by Joel Salatin; Storey’s Guide to Raising Poultry: Chickens, Turkeys, Ducks, Geese , Guineas, Game Birds by Glenn Drowns; Raising the Homestead Hog by Jerome D. Belanger; The Unsettling of America by Wendall Berry…

It’s all about casting and nurturing the vision, through education and discipleship, while living the lifestyle! That is why the Fair will continue to offer great educational workshops, presentations, demonstrations, activities, articles, and resources for our community’s children, young people, and grown-ups. 

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