Land Transfers
  • WD: Mike Hunter & wife to Bonnie Orlando
  • WD: Rickey W. Green & wife to Rickey W. Green & wife, Trustees
  • Ben: Ronald G. Pember & wife to Anthony Pember Et al
  • QCD: Ruth Ann Hill & Kelly D. Hill to Kelly D. Hill
  • Ben: Kelly D. Hill to Donald Paul Guinn
  • WD: Cheryl Pease & husband Et al to Jeffrey G. Huckaba & wife
  • WD: Wendell W. Edmonds & wife to Brewen Properties, LLC
  • WD: Matthew B. Stacy & wife, Trustees to Jason E. Black & Linsey Crawford
  • WD: Jeffrey C. Farmer & wife to Nathan Simpson
  • WD: Joseph A. Blume & wife to June A. Cooper & Stephen A. Menke, Jr
  • WD: Patrick M. McCoy & wife to Lance Cureton, Shawn Neel & Randy LaChance
  • WD: Tommy E. Shafer, Sr & wife to Leslie Miller
  • WD: Timothy Green to Thomas L. Jones & wife
  • WD: Karl Copeland & Willa Moser to Angela Levasseur & Brenda Fujimoto
  • WD: Henry E. Hahn & wife to Statler Brothers Investments, LLC
  • QCD: Thomas Buhler to Christin Buhler
  • WD: Rhonda Grosberg to Heartland Valley Properties, LLC
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