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Land Transfers
  • WD: Michelle D Lincoln Trust to Treeland, Inc
  • WD: Shawn Stookey & wife to Mark A Phillips & wife Et al
  • WD: Glen E Morrow & wife to Michael J Nelson & wife
  • WD: Corky gl Bishop & wife to Matthew S Grisham
  • WD: Richard Riggs & wife to Orrin T Riggs
  • WD: Kenneth W Bales & wife to Orrin T Riggs
  • WD: Edward Douglas "Pete" Rau & wife to Joshua C Politte & wife
  • WD: JP Morgan Chase Bank to KBK Homes LLC
  • WD: Susan M Callaway to Margaret J Weiss
  • WD: Pense Brothers Drilling Co to Gary Turner Et al
  • QCD: Frank T Mellingor & wife to Kelley Mitchell
  • Ben Deed: Kelley Mitchell to Frank T Mellingor
  • WD: Christopher A Brown & wife Trust to Phillip N Page & wife
  • QC: Carolyn S Whited to Carla S Pelton Et al
  • WD: Timothy Parsley to Jonathan J Francis & wife
  • WD: Stevens Property Management to Laune R Peppers Et al
  • WD: Joanna Henderson to Steven Cook Et al
  • WD: April L Fort & husband to Teresa A Peters
  • WD: Loren Brooke Ziegler Et al to Ryan Mauk Et al
  • Ben Deed: Mary L Cluck to James Lee Stafford Et al
  • WD: Sandra Sue Cook to James Larry Welch
  • WD: Phillip Lawler to Cletis Alan Pingel Jr Et al
  • WD: Truman Jones & wife to Randal Rees & wife
  • WD: Madison County Wood Products Inc to Trophy Management Properties LLC
  • Ben Deed: Melvin B Lawson & wife to Jodi Lynn Ely
  • Ben Deed: Bonnie L Wright to Daniel Scott Bratcher Et al
  • QCD: Steven Leon Helms & wife to Steven Leon Helms & wife Trustees
  • Ben Deed: Audrey Brockman to Leland Robert Gusman
  • QC: Hannah Danyell Stamp (Whitener) & husband to Codee L Stamp & wife
  • QC: Wesley M Green to William R Green Et al
  • WD: James W Priday & wife to Darren R Ellis & wife
  • WD: Gwendolyn Jones to Ronnie Maples Et al
  • QC: Mark Rainwater & wife to Cynthia Rainwater
  • WD: Housing and Urban Developemnt to Cynthia Rainwater
  • WD: William Brothers Partnership LLC to Swinford Properties LLC
  • WD: Swinford Properties LLC to Madison County Wood Products LLC
  • Ben Deed: Karen K Wright & husband to Robert N Wright Et al
  • WD: Joyce V Rehkop Et al to Bobby D Crawford Sr Et al
  • QCD: Rickey Jo Moore to Stephanie Moore
  • WD: Royce W Weber to Roger White & wife
  • WD: Janis K Burgess to Kary P Buckley & wife
  • Ben Deed: Kary P Buckley & wife to Kolby Buckley
  • WD: Homer Melvin Mouser to Sheryl Ann Vandeven Et al
  • WD: Highway Land Partners LLC to Christopher M Neel Et al
  • WD: Glynn N Beckman & wife to Della Faye Barker

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