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Land Transfers
  • WD: Thomas C Boone Sr & wife to Timothy Reed & wife
  • Ben Deed: Edward A Hedicke to Ruby Gavan
  • QC: Ronald J Lawrence & wife to Ronald J Lawrence
  • WD: John S Adams & wife to Lester E White
  • Ben Deed: Lester E White to Shelly T Parker
  • QC: Allen R Vogel to Allen R Vogel Et al
  • QC: James S Miller & wife to Paul V Whitacre & wife
  • WD: Highway Land Partners, LLC to Lindell L Butcher & wife
  • WD: Highway Land Partners, LLC to Christopher L Dunn
  • WD: Swiinford Properties LLC to Glen E Morrow & wife
  • Ben Deed: Rita J Hodges to Gary Hodges Et al
  • WD: Ricky L Brown to Sidney J Lee & wife
  • QCD: Thelma P Fahland to Thelma P Fahland
  • Ben Deed: Thelma P Fahland to Lisa G Simpson Et al
  • WD: Billy M Lambert & wife to Joseph M Ravanelli & wife
  • Ben Deed: Cheryl A Dickinson & husband to Suzanne Rozie Et al
  • WD: Kenneth Warden & wife to Warden Holdings, LLC
  • WD: Pense Brothers Drilling Co to Gary Turner Et al
  • WD: Donald G Wasson & wife to Ivan Ward & wife
  • Ben Deed: Bobby Wartenbe & wife to Michael Ponder Et al
  • QC: Linda Montgomery to Gary Worsham
  • WD: Christopher Powell to Joshua F Long & wife
  • Ben Deed: Shelby McDaniel to Ramona L Johnson
  • Ben Deed: Ralph R Standage to Stephanie Privett
  • WD: Michael R Carrow & wife Et al to Daniel Miller & wife
  • WD: Michael V Umfleet Jr & wife to Todd Koester & wife
  • WD: Tara Hale to Kyle W Steinmann & wife

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